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Supporting transformation in lending & leasing

Flexible and configurable software for lenders and lessors


Relationships are at the heart of financing. By approving a loan or lease, you become part of a success story - providing fuel that can transform the future. Linedata’s lending and leasing software solutions help you stay focused on your business and consumer borrowers by automating and streamlining processes across the global value chain. You’ll get to funding faster, offer a convenient customer experience and manage risk better.

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Woman using technology to self-serve
Accelerating the Move to Digital Self-Service

Five best practices to meet customers' demands for self-service tools. 

how to implement loan
Thought Leadership
How to Implement a Successful Loan Origination Project

Our expert, Laura Grudzien, provides the keys to keeping a loan origination project on track.

Person presents options
Thought Leadership
The Build vs. Buy Decision

Can a financial institution get everything they want without building their own technology?