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Commercial Lending

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Evolve your business lending


Mobility: Empower customer-facing teams

• Initiate credit applications anytime, anywhere with our intuitive application wizard. Enter and submit loan applications for immediate processing and conveniently track application status.

• Dashboard views and pre-configured forms provide summary level and detailed account information, allowing you to remain focused on your client.

• In addition to high-level security for access authentication, client data is never stored on remote devices, providing confidence that your clients' information will not be compromised.

• Streamlined navigation combined with user-friendly views create an intuitive mobile application – with little to no front-office training required.


Digital application and self-service portal: Improved customer experience and throughput

• Our self-service portal digitizes the loan application experience and adds efficiency during key moments in the loan lifecycle. Benefits include increased throughput without the allocation of additional resources, time saved through process efficiencies and a convenient and transparent customer experience.

• Customers can conveniently submit loan applications, securely upload required documentation, check on the status of their application and communicate with you directly. An e-signature integration further supports an end-to-end digital experience.

• To facilitate loan management, the self-service portal displays real-time information from your servicing system, such as loan balance, remaining term and upcoming events.

• White-labeled with your institution’s logo and colors, Linedata’s digital loan application and self-service portal represent your organization with clean and clear forms.


Loan origination: Process loans and manage risk

• Our cloud-based commercial lending solution transforms business loan origination into a fully digital process. Real-time pipeline management and automated workflows seamlessly guide applications through origination towards funding with speed and efficiency.

• Make smart credit decisions with data aggregation, tracking, monitoring, reporting and analytics. Historical tracking and automated credit bureau inquiries, along with robust financial spreading and analysis capabilities, aid you in determining risk and limiting exposure.

• Auto-decisioning set to your parameters provide a competitive advantage for quick and informed decisions. Applications can also be forwarded to a credit analyst for traditional adjudication.

• Strong financial spreading and analysis capabilities help you manage risk.

• A flexible framework allows for integration with CRM solutions, credit repositories, due diligence providers, document preparation and a host of other third-party vendor solutions.

• Continuous delivery of new features and enhancements keep your solution up to date without major upgrades.


Post-close servicing: Maintain accounts and retain customers

• Post-close servicing capabilities support customer management, financial modification, insurance management, as well as accounting and reporting with debits and credits captured on the general ledger.

• A configurable and easy-to-use ‘agenda view’ helps your back-office employees identify and satisfy actions to ensure accounts are in good standing and meeting all required covenants.

• Mobile sales application allows your relationship managers to harness previously entered data to make finding opportunities, preparing for customer meetings and taking applications while out in the field a breeze.

• Open APIs empower you to choose third-party reporting solutions that work best for you.

• Address delinquent accounts with consistency and automate collections workflows with your policies and preferences to determine appropriate triggers, timing, messaging and escalation actions.

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