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Cookies Policy


This Cookies Policy applies to users of the website (hereinafter the "SITE"), including anyone who accesses and browses the SITE, and in particular registered Users of the SITE or SITE visitors. By browsing the SITE, you agree that cookies, as defined below, may be placed on your device in accordance with this Cookies Policy.

Article 1. Who collects my data?

The Data Controller processing Users' data collected via the SITE is Linedata Services SA, a French company registered with the Trade and Companies Register of Nanterre (France), under number 414 945 089, with its registered offices at 27 rue d'Orléans, 92200 Neuilly-sur -Seine (hereinafter "Linedata" or “We”).

Article 2. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your device during your visit to a website. It records certain information about your browsing or your online behavior that allows us to improve and facilitate your user experience.

Article 3. What do cookies do?

The SITE uses cookies to differentiate users in order to improve their browsing and the services which are offered to them. In practice, cookies allow to authenticate and identify you as a user. They may, if necessary, record your preferences or measure the different uses of the SITE.

Article 4. Cookies used by the site and their purposes

Linedata considers transparency in the processing of your data as paramount. In this respect and in order to provide information that is as clear as possible, you will find below several cookies used on the SITE and their purpose:

4.1 The proprietary cookies

4.1.1 Functional and technical cookies, mainly allowing to improve your navigation on the SITE. These are the cookies that are responsible for sending information to our SITE and to your browser: memorization of the information relating to a form (username, address), display preferences of your device (language, resolution), security measures such as your session expiration time, etc.

Name of the cookie

Purpose of the cookie


The name of this cookie is generated by a php function, and starts always with the prefix 'SESS'.

User session cookie. This cookie allows the SITE to save your session IDs.


 200000 seconds or 55,55 hours.

Please note that browsing on the SITE and / or the use of some features may be altered if you choose to disable these cookies.

4.2 Third-party cookies

By visiting the SITE, it is possible that partner companies may store their own cookies on your device.

The use of these cookies is subject to the same restrictions on the protection of personal data established by the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 (known as “Loi Informatique et Libertés). In your browser settings, you can disable these third-party cookies alone or together with our cookies. In particular, there are:

(a) Google related cookies

Name of the cookie

Purpose of the cookie


Cookies « Google Analytics » : _ga, _gid, _gat, AMP_TOKEN, _gac_<property-id> 


The SITE uses Google Analytics service provided by Google Inc. The data collected through the cookies placed by Google Analytics is transmitted and stored directly by Google Inc. These cookies allow the counting of visitors and understanding how they use the SITE. These cookies, described at :  are used to collect anonymous information and generate reports on usage statistics for the SITE without being personally identified by Google.

Please see :


Cookies « YouTube » : APISID, HSID, Login_INFO, PREF, SAPISID, SID, SSID, VISITOR_ INFO1_LIVE, YSC, Demographics, recently_watched _video_id_list, use_hitbox, GED_PLAYLIST_ACTIVITY




These cookies are used by YouTube, to track your preferences when viewing YouTube video content on the SITE. YouTube may place cookies on your device when you view such videos. For more information on these cookies or to reject cookies on your device, please visit



Please see :

(b) Additional third party cookies

Name of the cookie

Purpose of the cookie


Cookies « Add to Calendar » : « m »

The purpose of these cookies is to assist the AddEvent pluggin identify and track visitors, their use of our SITE and their preferences regarding website access

1 year

Cookie « Cloudflare » : « cfduid »

This cookie is used for security and threat detection purposes

1 year

(c) Cookies related to social networks: We include within certain pages of the SITE applications that allow real time sharing of the Site content with other people. This includes Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter social networks buttons.

It is specified that even without clicking these buttons, social networks may identify you or follow your browsing, as long as the session is open in your browser. Each social network has its own data protection policies and Linedata has no control over their use of cookies and other tracers issued by these third-party companies. We invite you to contact these social networks to learn more about the setting options related to the confidentiality of your account (Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.).

Article 5. Installation of these cookies: you have the choice

By default many browsers enable cookies that are placed on your computers, smartphones and other internet access devices when visiting a website.

However, you can keep control over the installation of such cookies, as you have the ability to configure your browser to:

  • accept or refuse cookies from the SITE;
  • systematically refuse all cookies;
  • ask for your consent for each cookie you encounter while browsing the internet.

To do this, all you need is to go in the property setting of your browsers and follow their instructions. For example, you may wish to consult:

For Internet Explorer:

For Firefox:

For Google Chrome:

 For Safari:

For Opera:

As indicated above, we would like to remind you that by choosing to block our cookies, your browsing experience on the SITE or your use of some features could be altered. In any case, if you choose to delete all cookies, your user experience will be strongly affected and your browsing preferences will be erased.


Article 6. Your consent

By browsing on the SITE, you agree that Linedata may install "technical" cookies that can access, register and consult information stored on your device:

  • for the sole purpose of enabling or facilitating electronic communication;
  • as strictly necessary for the provision of online communication services on the SITE.

When you registered on the SITE, you were also informed of the presence of tracking cookies intended to make statistics of visits and the possibility of rejecting such by accessing this Cookies Policy.


Article 7. Your rights of access, deletion, opposition


You can exercise your rights of access, deletion and opposition with respect to your personal data by sending a request by e-mail at:

or by mail to the following address: Linedata Services SA, 27 rue d'Orléans, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, with "Informatique et Libertés" as the subject matter and a proof of your identity.

In addition, if your internet browser allows it, you can disable these cookies at any time by following the procedures mentioned above.


Article 8. Period of retention

In any case, the cookies stored on you device or any other element used to identify you for statistical or measurement purposes, will have a limited lifespan not exceeding thirteen (13) months, this period will not be extended automatically when you visit the SITE again.

Beyond that period, the raw usage data associated with an identifier will either be deleted or anonymized.