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What we do

We Humanize Technology

We believe that finance is essential, as vital to society as energy is to life.
Imagining the future with our clients is our passion.
Together we reinvent business models, solutions, and our clients’ operations.

Entrepreneurship gives wings to our passion


Since Linedata was created over 20 years ago, we have nurtured and helped entrepreneurs to realize their dreams.
Many joined Linedata with the companies that we acquired, seeing opportunities to deliver
on their visions more quickly.
Many were nurtured internally by our 1,300 employees - architects, designers, developers, project managers, customer relations managers, financial operations specialists, risk experts - with the launch of new business initiatives, products, and services.


Providing distinctive and valuable operating capabilities to our clients by combining software, data and analytics, and services



It all started with the creation of powerful software to simplify our clients' operations. Developed by our teams of engineers at the forefront of the latest scientific and technological advances, our end-to-end, modular software platforms are cloud-ready, highly scalable, and have the speed of development and continuous delivery at their core.

Data and analytics

Our data management and distribution services let you efficiently source the right data for your needs from multiple sources, with no redundancy or overbuying. Our artificial intelligence and machine learning platforms provide unique insights into operational risk and help you develop effective mitigation strategies.


Our services provide human intelligence that makes it possible to make the best use of software and data. Linedata's highly skilled service professionals can deliver results and perform key operational roles within extended teams, offering you greater resilience, scalability, and efficiencies.