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Linedata Labs

Linedata Labs allow us to bring together clients, start-ups and Universities to explore new technologies,
opportunities and ways of working. Linedata labs facilitate the journey from idea to solution, reducing risk
and improving outcomes for all parties.


Linedata Labs ​​​​​​​



Set aside for our clients and partners, Linedata Labs allow the incubation of innovative projects, that have real world outcomes with the help of our experts. We are not afraid to fail and foster an environment that allows ideas free rein whilst reducing risk for our clients.


With their state-of-the-art connected equipment, Linedata Labs are intended to introduce clients, start-ups, incubators, researchers and universities to each other. Allowing the free exchange of problems and solutions so our clients and innovators are able to find each other.


Mixing financial and technological expertise, Linedata Labs enable us to guide the digital transformation of our clients with defined projects which deliver concrete value.

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to Research and Development


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Innovation news

Ashmita ToonME

Better risk management, using AI and Machine Learning, can reduce the cost,associated with the middle and back-office, by up to 30%. These are the gains made by an important North American bank, thanks to our Linedata Analytics offer created in Boston.

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Ashmita Gupta
AI expert

Abdallah ToonME

Linedata explores the potential of Blockchain applied to the world of financial services. Our Labs develop solutions to limit as much as possible the user-software interactions, such as by using smart contracts for our fund manager clients.

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Abdallah Hajji
Blockchain expert



The Linedata Labs partners and ecosystem

Our partners – start-ups, universities, students, public and private institutions – support and enrich our experiments and discoveries every day. They make Linedata Labs the seed which transforms financial services.



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