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Evolve your customer journey with our technology


Linedata’s lending solutions constantly evolve to help our clients exceed customer expectations and stay ahead of the competition. No matter where you are on the path to digital transformation, our solutions support you with:

  • Flexible APIs: Our solutions are very open with more than 1000s APIs, allowing you to integrate with third-party vendors and legacy systems of your choice. You can create a connected ecosystem with the integrations that work for you.
  • E-signature: Electronic signature is now a typical part of a transaction in all lending and leasing segments. The convenience of a digitalized customer experience and faster time to funding are offered via e-signature integrations in all our solutions.
  • Configurable modules: The financing industry moves fast, and financial institutions must be able to adapt swiftly. Our lending and leasing solutions have configurable modules, so you can easily update scoring, pricing, forms and more to quickly launch new product offerings or adjust existing options.

Chatbots and digital assistants


Financial institutions are beginning to leverage technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning to better serve customers and decrease processing steps and stages. Linedata has developed three technologies as value-adds for our lending and leasing solutions.

Our users can leverage our chatbot to have quick access to customer contact information, the current status of contracts and more.

Digital Assistant
As you work, the digital assistant’s machine learning understands what actions you commonly take and in what order. A pop-up prompt predicts your next steps and, with your permission, takes those steps for you. As your processes evolves, the digital assistant adjusts.

Sales Assistant
As you prepare proposals, our sales assistant tool uses history to identify and indicate the proposal with the highest probability of being signed, so you can focus attention on your best bet.


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