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Chatbots and digital assistants


Financial institutions are beginning to leverage technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning to better serve customers and decrease processing steps and stages. Linedata has developed three technologies as value-adds for our lending and leasing solutions.

Our users can leverage our chatbot to have quick access to customer contact information, the current status of contracts and more.

Digital Assistant
As you work, the digital assistant’s machine learning understands what actions you commonly take and in what order. A pop-up prompt predicts your next steps and, with your permission, takes those steps for you. As your processes evolves, the digital assistant adjusts.

Sales Assistant
As you prepare proposals, our sales assistant tool uses history to identify and indicate the proposal with the highest probability of being signed, so you can focus attention on your best bet.

Linedata Capitalstream

Our business lending loan origination solution.


Linedata Ekip360

Seamless, end-to-end coverage for the entire value chain of lenders and lessors.


Linedata Loansquare

Deliver efficiency and new services to your clients, teams and financial partners.



Begin your digital transformation journey today.