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Consumer Finance

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Add scale and efficiency to your consumer lending business


Mobility: Convenience for your customers

• Linedata’s consumer finance solution offers mobility in any environment. From a retail bank environment to less traditional locations, salespeople can price, prepare proposals and submit credit applications with ease.

• Our white-labeled digital loan application portal allows customers to “self-serve” and submit online applications against all available products, including credit cards and lines of credit, with clean, clear and configurable forms.

• Regardless of volume, applications are immediately moved into pre-configured workflows – no manual intervention required.

• Our consumer finance solution is mobile friendly, so your customers can apply anytime, anywhere and from any device.


Point of sale (POS): Win deals with speed to decision

• Whether in-person or online, Linedata’s consumer finance point of sale (POS) module is configured with your products, financial offers, business criteria and document configuration, allowing you to prepare quotations and create proposals for your customers quickly and accurately.

• Using our underwriting module, workflows can be configured to auto-decision on applications that meet pre-determined parameters, giving your customer a decision in minutes.

• With an unlimited number of users, your team will never be too large for our solution.


Underwriting: Quick and consistent decisioning with streamlined workflows

• Linedata’s underwriting module analyzes an applicant’s contracts, payment history and credit bureau inquiries via the embedded credit decision engine and presents pertinent borrower details in a convenient and customizable 360° view, complete with audit trail.

• Choose to activate auto-decisioning based on pre-configured parameters or push the application to a credit analyst for review.

• Open APIs allow for interactions with external systems to communicate incoming and outgoing events, allowing you to benefit from transparency and shared information within your ecosystem. As applications are approved, documents are generated for signature or e-signature.

• Our consumer finance solution is multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi-country and can be used by financial service providers anywhere in the world. Unmatched configurability makes it compliant with consumer lending regulations in any jurisdiction.


Contract Management System (CMS): Robust functionality for the life of the contract

• Our CMS module acts as a hub for your consumer finance business. An embedded pricing engine calculates payments and fees and manages schedules, terms and global exposure for installment loans and revolving credit lines.

• Manage special financing offers such as deferred repayments and tailored interest calculations as well as account changes and contract modifications like extensions and rate changes.

• Automated workflows manage the entire lifecycle, even as the contract period ends.

• Administrators and auditors will enjoy the operational consistency and built-in tracking capabilities of the solution.

• Data extracts through our standard APIs allow users to easily fulfill on regulatory requests.


After-sale management: Automated escalation for unpaid accounts

• Linedata’s after-sales management module automates activity in line with your organization’s policies, preferences and applicable industry regulations to determine triggers, timing, messaging and escalation points.

• Delinquent payments are flagged and print or email-based communications providing a reminder to submit payment are automatically triggered and sent. If the contract or account remains in arrears, the workflow initiates escalation.

• In the event that escalation fails to bring the account current, third-party collection services or legal proceedings are triggered and tracked from our solution.

• The accounting impact of unpaid contracts and/or accounts is reflected in your ledger, helping you to maintain accurate profit and loss estimates. As necessary, the solution will terminate the contract and/or account and report the loss.

• Historical tracking of all attempts to recover payment ensure you have visibility into all completed due diligence.

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