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Syndicated Lending

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Deliver efficiency to your clients, teams and partners


Deal closing: Sophisticated simplicity for complex arrangements

• Linedata’s syndicated lending solutions leverage a powerful Loan Management System (LMS) to ensure contract terms are followed.

• Benefits: Our solutions align with each individual syndicated loan agreement’s unique structure and an embedded pricing engine manages complex transactions and agreements while streamlining your processes.


Syndication management: Structured administration and tracking

• Our syndicated lending solutions support a wide range of agreements including, underwritten deals, best efforts syndication, syndicated corporate loans, club deals, and internal syndication.

• From primary agreements to complex sub-participations, our syndicated lending software provides end-to-end management with a clear audit trail of modifications for the life of the credit.


Deal servicing: Tailored experiences for all associated parties

• Linedata’s syndicated lending solutions support the full life of the loan and can be tailored to meet your clients’ and partners’ unique expectations and requirements.

• End-to-end management support includes commitment management, drawings, renewals, reimbursements and payments.

• Gain meaningful efficiencies by streamlining your processes and implementing key APIs to oversee transaction management, reporting and integration with relevant third-party vendors.


Deal maturity: Clean completion of deals

• When a syndicated loan reaches maturity, our solutions allow you to properly execute termination procedures to ensure all commitments and balances have been cleared while also tracking unpaid balances or credits.

• Specific processes can be configured to manage unpaid balances and initiate claim procedures across multiple stakeholders while simultaneously recording the impact to accounting and possible risk exposure.


Borrower and partner exchanges: Connect parties and share information

• To help make collaboration and communication across all parties easier, our premium syndicated loan management portal is optimized to consider borrower, external lender and internal requirements.

• Choose between a summary view of all transactions or quickly initiate a search to access the specific level of detail needed.

• Integration capabilities span a wealth of APIs, allowing you to streamline exchanges across relevant third-party solutions.

• Empower your borrower with a self-service portal to ease exchanges, covenant follow up and trigger actions on your servicing platform.

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Introduce new efficiencies and services to your customers, teams and partners.