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Equipment Finance

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Equipment Financing with Linedata

Review how our configurable, scalable and robust equipment financing software can make your lending and leasing business more efficient.

Equipment finance solutions for a relationship-based business


Equipment finance employs a high level of expertise to serve their customers’ unique needs. The knowledge relationship managers possess is best utilized when they are with the customer, not performing behind-the-scenes tasks. Linedata’s equipment finance solutions provide end-to-end efficiency with automated workflows, streamlined processing and full servicing functionality so you can keep your applications moving and manage contracts while your business development experts focus on relationships.

Three weeks before the lockdown, we identified the need to automate some operations because manual processing was very time consuming. We've rolled out Linedata's fix and can now manage deferrals based on requested suspension times. For example, more than 300 contracts requesting 2-month deferrals were processed in 10 minutes, whereas manual processing would have taken several days. And automating the process avoids errors.

Dominique Pinte
CIO of Bail Actéa, a subsidiary of Credit Mutuel Nord Europe



Industry associations


Industry associations



Linedata Ekip360
Linedata Ekip360

Key information about our equipment financing solution.

The Equipment Financing Journey with Linedata
The Equipment Financing Journey with Linedata

View how our software streamlines the equipment lending and leasing process.

Four Ways Equipment Financers Can Find Resiliency
Thought Leadership
Four Ways Equipment Financers Can Find Resiliency

How equipment financers will run leaner, gain efficiencies and create an optimal customer experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.



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