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Explore new efficiencies with Linedata Ekip360


Mobility: Convenience for your customers

• With Linedata Ekip360’s mobile application, your team can send pricing, prepare proposals and submit applications to pre-configured workflows from virtually anywhere.

• B2B web services: Leverage the functionality of our point of sale (POS) in your own portal, mobile application(s), partner solution(s) and/or website to generate quotes, manage documents, trigger workflows, launch your e-signature process and more.

• B2C web services: Connect borrower data to your mobile banking app or portal to provide customers with self-serve access to update their personal contact details including banking information, read access to view their contract details and the ability to trigger actions such as early repayment or adding a new service.


Point of sale (POS): Create proposals with accuracy and ease

• Our equipment finance solution’s point of sale (POS) module includes an embedded, configurable pricing engine to help you create proposals quickly and accurately while managing commissions for salespeople, brokers, dealer networks and more.

• Auto-decisioning can be configured to your parameters to issue approvals to customers in seconds or minutes.

• Internal and external communication alerts about contract terminations and follow-up notifications on current offers help see deals through to completion while maintaining a clean pipeline.


Underwriting: Workflows for quick and consistent decisions

• Whether a loan or a lease, every stage of the equipment finance underwriting process is supported by an embedded credit decision engine and streamlined by workflows configured to your credit policies, saving you time without adding risk.

• Automated workflows push applications through to auto-decisioning or to a credit analyst for review, as appropriate.

• For loan or lease applications that require manual review, borrower information is presented in a convenient and fully customizable 360° view.


Accounting and reporting: Features to help manage the books

• With Linedata’s equipment finance software solution, internal debit and credit entries feed your general ledger. Added functionality allows you to export data for use as needed.

• Rich accounting features within Ekip360 accommodate both operating and financial leases and allow for multiple entities with different accounting properties.

• Out-of-the-box APIs let you to integrate third-party reporting solutions, as needed.


After-sale collections: Automated steps for unpaid accounts

• Ekip360 identifies late payments on individual contracts and unpaid accounts outside of authorized grace periods.

• Borrower communications, escalation steps, terminations and repossession services or legal proceedings are automatically triggered and tracked, as dictated by your policies.

• The accounting impact of unpaid contracts or accounts is reflected in your general ledger to ensure you maintain accurate profit and loss estimates.

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