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Outsourced spreading



Accurately assessing a borrower’s ability to repay a loan is key to profitable lending. For many financial institutions, the financial analysis process is manual and tedious. The work is done by highly trained, specialized credit professionals, making it hard to scale as volumes increase. Linedata offers expertise and scale with our outsourced spreading service.

Gain insights using our experts

Outsourced spreading

Following industry best practices, our seasoned financial professionals review borrower and related party documentation to provide you with insights and analysis you need in industry-standard reports, securely and within pre-determined SLAs. You do not need to be an existing Linedata client to utilize this service.

Our model represents a consistent process for financial or operational spreading, regardless of whether the request is sourced from new or renewal loans or part of post-booking ongoing risk management activities. The process begins with the client's need for financial analysis. Linedata analyzes the financial or operational data provided by the client and auto-generates any reports the client desires. The client reviews the analysis and has a feedback mechanism available to immediately notify Linedata if any questions regarding the financial analysis surface. Linedata responds to the inquiry providing support/justification of the financial analysis. This portion of the model is recursive and will continue to loop until any inquiry is completely resolved. At all points within the model, a governance structure is employed providing escalation points for both the client and Linedata.

A solution for every stage in the financing journey