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Commercial Lending - Digital Application and Portal

Improve your customer experience and increase throughput

Digital application and portal

Evolving lenders leverage digital portals to provide customers, prospects and partners access to their services anytime, anywhere and from any device. Your financial institution will increase throughput without allocating additional resources, save time with process efficiencies, and provide a convenient and transparent customer experience.

Our self-service portal digitizes the experience and adds efficiency during key moments in the loan lifecycle.

Loan Applications: Modern business borrowers appreciate convenience and ease as they choose their lender. With Linedata’s digital loan application and self-service portal, your customers can submit loan applications whenever they’d like, securely upload required documentation, and check the status of their application anytime. When your customer has questions, they can communicate with you straight from the portal. An e-signature integration creates an end-to-end digital experience.

Loan management: Once the loan is booked, the self-service portal displays up-to-date information from your servicing system, such as loan balance, remaining term and upcoming events. Customers can even satisfy covenants right within the portal. Also, your approved suppliers can utilize the portal to send drawing notices or documents.

White-labeled with your organizations’ branding, Linedata’s digital loan application and self-service portal represents your financial institution with clean, clear forms. The solution is easy to configure and adding new products is simple, allowing you to adjust with market conditions. The digital application and portal can be implemented quickly and easily integrated within your existing ecosystem. If you are looking for end-to-end efficiency and digitalization, our commercial loan origination and servicing solutions connect with our digital loan application to create a seamless journey.

Benefits to your customer

  • Ability to apply for a loan anytime, anywhere and from any device
  • Clean, clear application forms configured by your financial institution to your specifications
  • Your existing customers will enjoy pre-populated application fields using an out-of-the-box API
  • Prompts to upload certain documentation depending on loan type, and notifications if more documentation is needed
  • Convenient communication between customer and lender or customer service team within the portal
  • Real-time application status updates
  • An integration with your servicing system allows customers to view loan balance
  • Covenants can be satisfied within the portal

Benefits to you

  • Easy integrations with our out-of-the-box APIs
  • The digital loan application and self-service portal is easy to implement, so you benefit swiftly
  • Significant efficiencies allow you to increase throughput without additional work
  • Adding new products is easy, so you can adjust with market conditions
  • With views of applications initiated but not submitted, you can increase your intake effectiveness
  • Linedata’s digital loan application can play a role in lead generation as you direct traffic to your digital application from your website, apps, and marketing material

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