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Linedata Icon Retail

Comprehensive Transfer Agency Administration System
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Client: Windows Server: UNIX, Linux RDBMS: Oracle

Comprehensive and scalable solution

Linedata Icon Retail provides a comprehensive and proven system for the administration of collective investment business. Rules based product definition with a database designed to support financial products.

Supporting full end-to-end administration

Linedata Icon Retail offers complete end-to-end administration, supporting both retail and wholesale processing, with automated throughput, including direct credit payments via BACS. CASS compliant


Calastone, EMX, Crest are all supported by Linedata Icon Retail Comprehensive message and queue management

Industrial strength Collective Investment Fund administration

Linedata Icon retail

Linedata Icon Retail has comprehensive and scalable functionality to enable you to administer the holdings of your collective investment schemes. Our solution fully supports emerging fund types such as Authorized Contractual Schemes and feeder funds together with the necessary income streaming for TEF and PAIF.

Our solution has enabled one of our clients to manage over half a million investor accounts and thousands of transactions in its CIS range each day.

It uses XML connectivity to improve performance and maximize STP processing.

Linedata Icon retail offers complete end-to-end administration with automated throughput, including Direct Credit payments via BACS and automated Direct Debit support via AUDDIS/ADDACS/ARUDD.

Business Processing

  • Payment (recording, matching, client money, failure/refund, reconciliation) and Income (Distribution, tax vouchers, tax credit reclaim, interest calculation)
  • For automated maintenance of Direct Debit instructions and rejections, Icon Retail supports AUDDIS/ADDACS/ARUDD.
  • Message formats such as XML and delimited data, Import/export functions
  • Fully CASS compliant

System Integration

  • Minimal user intervention in high scale processing
  • Integration with proprietary trading systems such as EMX, Calastone and CREST
  • Web enablement and integration of external systems, such as CRM, workflow and general ledger, are achieved
  • Box management can be fully automated to avoid FCA breaches and reduce the risk of potentially costly mistakes

Fund Services Platform

Multi-region, proven track record in serving a diverse range of business models in a variety of jurisdictions

Workflow-oriented, exception based, end to end automation

Advanced communication, data access and distribution

Product-based and business-oriented managed services delivered by dedicated local expert teams

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