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Linedata Analytics Service

Protect and grow your business using machine learning insights

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Actionable insights at your fingertips

Prevent future losses by learning from past events

Linedata Analytics Service derives actionable insights from past operational issues, business decisions and relevant industry data and events to help you predict and prevent future problems – saving you time and money.

Cutting edge technology adapts with your business

Our machine learning models leverage your data – and our 20 years of global asset management expertise. The models continuously improve their ‘understanding’ of your business – helping you make smarter decisions.

Alerts-based visualization

In a world where time truly is money, we help you cut through the noise and take action with confidence. Advanced data visualization helps you collaborate across teams and brief the C-Suite when important actions are taken.

Secure, cloud-based solution

Linedata Analytics Service is securely hosted in the cloud and you interact with it using a web-based interface. We seamlessly integrate and safeguard your data with our robust cyber and data protection technology and protocols.



Operational risk losses cost financial institutions tens of billions of dollars every year. As costs grow and margins shrink, our industry has invested heavily in analytics. Yet many organizations still struggle to solve their operational challenges.

Protect and grow your business using machine learning insights


Linedata Analytics Service addresses this dilemma. It cuts through the noise to help you prevent losses today and adapt for safer, more cost-effective operations in the future. We help you analyze your data using machine learning and data visualization, backed by our two decades of experience delivering asset management solutions. Our model-based toolset indicates when losses could occur, and the models evolve over time to better target evolving risks.  Linedata Analytics Service is a fully featured offering that includes professional services, advanced models, data sourcing and integration, and secure cloud hosting.

Practical, actionable insights

Machine learning and data analytics are only useful if they provide insights you can use. Linedata Analytics Service delivers valuable intelligence that benefits your bottom line in two key areas. First, it analyzes historical data and live feeds, and alerts you to potential risks. Second, it helps you understand WHY certain issues keep reoccurring, and helps us recommend structural changes to further reduce long-term costs and risk. Improvements include automating processes and implementing more robust oversight and controls, as well as getting faster reactions and better outcomes from your current processes and tools.





 Setting out the Business Case
  for AI and Machine Learning Adoption?



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The Linedata difference

  • Deep market knowledge:

    We provide asset management solutions for hundreds of firms, including many of the industry’s biggest players. We’re more than data scientists with great technology – we’re partners who truly get how you operate your business.

  • Advanced data modelling and visualisation:

    Linedata Analytics Service continually evolves to reflect the latest data science. Our models learn your business to deliver actionable insights through easy-to-understand alerts, statistics and reporting.

  • Trusted, transparent partnership:

    Our professional services offering includes model creation and maintenance, user interface (UI) support, and data delivery and integration, so you only have one relationship to manage.

Benefits you can see

  • Scalability and cost certainty:

    We provide a fully featured cloud solution, so you can scale up quickly as your business grows. Our consumption-based pricing model means you only pay for the services you need.

  • Worry-free data management and hosting:

    We manage integration of your historical data and can augment it as needed with data from leading providers. We securely host and protect your data using the latest cyber defense and data security protocols.

  • Short- and long-term cost and risk mitigation:

    Real-time alerts help you find and address daily issues to prevent losses. Detailed analytics and statistics enable you to make fundamental changes to improve your operations and support your business.

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Linedata Analytics Service

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Multi-region, proven track record in serving a diverse range of business models in a variety of jurisdictions

Advanced communication, data access and distribution

Product-based and business-oriented managed services delivered by dedicated local expert teams


Linedata Analytics services
Setting out the Business Case for AI and Machine Learning Adoption?

WatersTechnology and Linedata Whitepaper collaboration.

Linedata Analytics Service

Harness your data with ML to prevent losses before they occur.

Linedata Analytics services
Case Study
Linedata Analytics Service

Global top 50 bank leverages machine learning to reduce operational losses.