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Linedata Uniloan360

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The solution for commercial loan and syndication

A modular solution

Uniloan is a solution adapted to the requirements of changes in the market thanks to its flexible and modular architecture.

A communication solution

In order to ensure effective oversight of loan administration, Uniloan will enable you to manage upstream/downstream communication and cross-business monitoring.

Productivity and automation

Its functional opening will make it possible to manage customised loans, strengthened by a high degree of automation and providing you with productivity and security.

A regulatory guarantee

Uniloan will support you in a world where there are considerable regulations and will remove the obstacle that this represents for your development.

Management of the complete life cycle of a loan or guarantee dossier

Linedata Uniloan360

The Linedata Uniloan360 is based around the following modular architecture. All the data for the loan or guarantee agreement are entered at dossier level. The pools inherent in the implementation of these contracts are defined at dossier level: the banking syndicate, the pool of borrowers, the pool of guarantors/guarantees and the pool of insurers.

Funds are made available via drawdown or renewal transactions whose mechanisms differ according to the financial product.

Main functional features

  • Contract management
  • Dossier management
  • Guarantee management
  • Monitoring of uses and commitments
  • Management of large, complex multi-lender deals

Main non-functional features

  • Agenda
  • Technical messaging
  • Business Intelligence
  • Oversight and reporting statements
  • Multi-currency
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Client interview - Pascal de Mentque

Global Head of Corporate Banking Operations - Crédit Agricole CIB

Additional Features & Benefits

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    Type of financing
    Loan Servicing Operation
    Flexible and modular architecture
    Complete life cycle
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      Guarantees and Security
      Cross-business management
      Oversight, organisation & Communication
      Controls and reporting

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