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Linedata Ekip360

End-to-end solution for equipment, auto, consumer and commercial financing
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Linedata, supporting client growth in the investment management and credit industries
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Deep functionality for loan and lease contracts

Close deals faster

From pricing and proposal to closing and servicing, powerful and configurable workflows keep the process on track

Manage risk

Streamline operations and control transaction processes with an embedded workflow and decision engine while creating an audit trail

Build your ecosystem

Front, middle and back office modules combine for one seamless experience or can standalone and integrate with third-parties such as e-signature, scoring solutions and your CRM

Grow your business

With support for multiple brand entities, additional countries, currencies and languages, plus management up to 40 million contracts, you are ready to scale

Proven, powerful support for lenders and lessors

fleet vehicles

Linedata Ekip360 is a robust financing software solution, built specifically for equipment financers and automotive lenders and lessors, consumer lenders and commercial financers. Modular front, middle and back office solutions can standalone and integrate with your existing credit ecosystem or be combined to create a seamless end-to-end experience.

From client acquisition to contract completion, Linedata Ekip360’s fully configurable workflows drive contracts through origination to funding with risk management diligence. Post-close, Linedata Ekip360 acts as a full Contract Management System, monitoring payments and account changes, supporting full-service contracts, managing insurance claims and handling early termination or contract extension and so much more.

Unmatched flexibility allows you to run business your way. With more than 1000 APIs for integrations with the third parties of your choice and configurations available at every step, you can create your perfect credit ecosystem. You can provide your customers with a mobile experience with Linedata Mobil’Ekip, or leverage our webservices to make use of your own portal or app for payments and home banking convenience. Plus, you can grow without limitations. Linedata Ekip360 is natively multi-entity, multi-language, multi-currency, multi-country platform.


Enjoy outstanding flexibility

  • Point-of-sale pricing and proposal creation wins deals with consistency and speed and can also be leveraged by a third-party solution through a B2B interface
  • Fully configurable automation and workflows moves transactions towards closing with efficiency
  • A customizable 360 view of the relationship provides everything needed to decision and manage risk in one place
  • Contract Management System functionality provides customer support for the entire contract lifecycle
  • Rich end-of-term management capabilities include re-lease, loan extension, re-negotiation, asset remarketing and more
  • Compliance with local and global regulations such as FASB, IFRS, GDPR and Basel III

Evolve with next-level opportunities

  • Cover multiple business lines within your organization, all on a single platform, allowing you to optimize total cost of ownership and organizational consistency
  • Grow without limitations with a global solution allowing for multiple entities on one platform, multiple languages, currencies and countries
  • Provide your customers with the convenience of Mobil’Ekip for contract details and payments, or use our webservices to offer your own portal or app
  • Build the ideal customer experience by integrating with the third-party vendors of your choice with more than 1000 APIs available
  • Integrate with your CRM or marketing automation system to proactively target customers as their contract term nears completion, capturing their future business

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