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Linedata Ekip³⁶⁰

For All Financing Operational Activities
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Expand business with one global solution


Our customers can rely on a completely integrated production chain from the first contact at point of sale to contract activation and in life services.

A solution for all your businesses

Our solution allows you to manage all your financing products and linked services, such as lending, leasing, revolving credits etc. within a single application.

Expert in international deployment

We allow you to deploy your offer in different countries and to reduce your operating costs by using a single software solution.

Proven track record

30 years in the business, more than 100 implementations in 25 countries with over 400 lending and leasing experts at your service.

A flexible and scalable solution for lending and leasing

Linedata Ekip

Linedata Ekip360  is a global front-to-back software solution designed to automate and manage the complete life cycle of finance sales and operations for the lending and leasing industry. Built specifically for automotive and equipment lenders and lessors, it covers the entire value chain, seamlessly, from retail to commercial finance operations.

Deployed internationally in 25 countries, Linedata Ekip360 covers a wide range of financial products: for consumers to business and government, for simple to complex with consistent and efficient credit origination and portfolio management. Linedata Ekip360 is multi-currency, multi-lingual, and multi-country.

Main core features

  • Point of sale pricing and quoting
  • Contract and credit origination
  • Contract management
  • Accounting
  • Workflow & audit trail

Main non-functional features

  • Scalability: from hundreds to millions of contracts
  • Web services connectivity
  • Regulations: SEPA, IFRS & Basel III compliance, etc.
  • Business Intelligence
  • SSO & LDAP integration

Additional Features & Benefits

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    Multi-channel contract origination
    Customer & third parties management
    Portfolio management
    Credit review/underwriting
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      Management of assets
      Insurance & services
      After-sales management
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        Invoicing & payments
        Accounting & reporting
        Debt collection & litigation
        Embedded workflow engine

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        Raphael Absa

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        Loic Jaume

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