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Linedata Mobil’Ekip

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Global module for all operations finance activitie


A redesigned interface for optimal use of each financial product. The user has to enter the key component of the offer.

Innovative & intuitive

Linedata Mobile Lending & Leasing module allows you to: Automatically capture third-party data, and Optimize time thanks to state-of-the-art technologies (e-signature, acquisition of business cards data).

Porfolio Management

Follow-up of the funding proposals, follow-up of accounts. Reading, Capture, Document Production.

Dealers / Origination module

Linedata Mobile Lending & Leasing module allows you to consult and follow commercial offers, whether it is in progress or it has been sent to the decision makers.

A fully integrated mobile solution available on all devices

Mobile L&L

Linedata Mobil'Ekip module allows sales teams to evolve in an external environment while being connected to their working tools.

Linedata Mobil'Ekip covers the entire value chain from sales to operations and end-users with a completely new mobile experience.

Linedata Mobil'Ekip is an integral part of the contract acquisition chain: a sales person can create a pricing proposal and immediately submit it to an assistant or a call center for processing. As we constently innovate, Linedata Mobile Lending & Leasing will soon offer additional modules, such as debt collection that allow transmission and real-time updates of customer information.

Main Functional Features

  • Portfolio management
  • Proposal origination
  • Quotation
  • Proposal follow up
  • Document production

Main Non-Functional Features

  • Supporting document capture
  • Account follow up

Contact our dedicated team

Loic Jaume

Loic Jaume

Head of Sales, Linedata Lending & Leasing

+33 1 73 43 72 03