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Share buyback program

• Share buyback program in the amount of €55 million, or 17.2% of the share capital

• At a price of €50 per share, a premium of 45.3% on the closing price of October 24, 2022

• Accretion estimated at around 17% on EPS

The Board of Directors of Linedata Services (“Linedata”) approved plans to launch a share buyback program aimed at buying back and cancelling shares from shareholders within the framework of a capital reduction not motivated by losses, for a maximum of 1,100,000 shares in the Company at a unit price of €50 per share. These 1,100,000 shares, as at the current date, represent 17.2% of the capital of Linedata.

The buyback price at €50 represents a premium of 45.3% on the closing share price of October 24, 2022 (last day of trading before the announcement of the details of the share buyback program) and a premium of 42.6% and 38.6% compared with average trade-weighted volumes exchanged over the 20-day and 60-day periods preceding that date.

Access the documents and information relating to the share buyback programm