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Linedata AMP:CI/CD approach raises model management's game

Rapid change in our business environment has only been accelerated by the global pandemic as companies look for ways to innovate, scale, and optimize efficiency to meet the evolving needs of customers and clients.

Gene Mitchell


Rapid change in our business environment has only been accelerated by the global pandemic as companies look for ways to innovate, scale, and optimize efficiently to meet the evolving needs of customers and clients. Fortunately, one solution to these problems, as far as technology goes, can be found in using a Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) approach to delivering new functionality faster and more easily. CI/CD alleviates pain points around traditional upgrades by employing smaller scale, frequent software updates which allows you to bridge the gap between development and operation activities, rather than overhauling your technology stack every few years. CI/CD enables firms to:

  • seamlessly meet the evolving expectations of your customers and users
  • save time and money by not having your business and IT leaders undertake a full system upgrade, and
  • avoid the risks of using outdated technology

The benefits associated with CI/CD demonstrate why it has formed the backbone of modern DevOps practices in recent years, and these benefits have never been timelier. At Linedata, we are excited to share improvements to our Model Management module that are being implemented through the CI/CD pipeline.

As our first cloud native module, accessible through Linedata Longview or a web browser, Model Management allows users to benefit from a bevy of features in version 1.0 that were developed with generous input from our existing clients. These features include:

  • An intuitive Model Builder for constructing models that range from simple to complex structures
  • Enhanced Data Visualization aides
  • The ability to better organize and manage model with tags
  • Powerful search and bulk updates capabilities 


Automated CI/CD deployment of these updates adds tremendous value to client delivery because our software development teams are able to:

  • Spend more time focusing on client requirements, code quality, and security
  • Reduce update time with smaller changes and frequent code checks
  • Integrate and validate changes made across different platforms and tools with greater ease

We’ve received an overwhelmingly positive response from our Model Management users who helped lay the groundwork for Version 1.0 (released July 2020), and we are expecting to release Version 1.1 in the coming months with additional improvements.

Right now, the last thing that anybody wants to be worrying about is the arduous process of a traditional upgrade. Any steps we can take to help avoid roadblocks in your workflow and keep your internal resources free for higher value activities and meaningful innovation are worth taking. That’s why Linedata is passionate about providing that peace of mind to our Model Management users through our CI/CD practices.

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