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Linedata Profinance

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A Complete Dealer Financing Solution

Wholesale Floorplanning & Dealer financing

A solution which assists your partners in meeting all their needs: financing of all types of assets, floor-planning, spare parts funding, asset-based loans, commercial loans, working capital and current accounts.

End to End Leading Solution

End-to-end solution: Point of Sales processes, Proposal management, Billing, invoicing and payment, Contract management, Interest and fee handling, income recognition and accounting, and Legal reporting


A solution which, thanks to its configuration module, offers many possibilities for defining a tailor-made product offer ensuring high update responsiveness.

Innovative and Easy-to-deploy Solution

Designed for flexibility and rapid implementation, Linedata Profinance’s architecture facilitates integration with a wide variety of environments and IT landscapes.

A flexible and scalable solution for lending and leasing

Linedata Profinance

Linedata Profinance offers comprehensive, modular front-to-back management of the full motor finance life cycle, with advanced wholesale (floor-planning) capability and possibility to manage retail finance functionalities if required. Its extended dealer funding coverage is recognized and used by leading international players in more than 15 countries.

This extensive functionality means you will be able to offer a wide range of financing solutions which meet the needs of

your distribution networks: unsecured and secured loan, floor-planning, spare part funding, revolving credit lines and management of current accounts with advanced netting capabilities.

Main functional features

  • Contract origination
  • Credit review (underwriting)
  • Contract management
  • Accounting
  • Referential
  • Audit trail

Main non-functional features

  • SEPA compliance
  • Integration BUS
  • Business Intelligence
  • EDM
  • Reports management
  • SSO & LDAP integration

Additional Features & Benefits

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    Multi-channel contract origination
    Customer & third parties management
    Portfolio management
    Vehicle referential
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      Mileage & Residual values management
      Dealer self-service
      Invoicing & payments
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        Securities management
        Credit review/underwriting

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