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Solutions for wherever you are in your financing journey


Mobility: Access your auto finance solution on any device

• With our mobile app, you can set pricing, prepare proposals, submit credit applications and automatically push changes to your configured workflows in real-time without leaving the sales floor.

• Integrate services with your own portal, mobile applications, partner solutions and website to generate quotes, manage documents, trigger workflows, launch the e-signature process and more.

• B2C web services link borrower data to your mobile banking app allowing your customers to access contract details and trigger actions such as adding a new service or reporting early repayment.


Point of sale: Give your customer a decision in seconds

• Our automotive finance solution can be configured to auto-decision within your unique business parameters helping you to quickly secure the auto loan or lease.

• Robust workflows streamline data analysis and risk management, and every part of the process is configurable to match your business practices and protocols.

• Open APIs allow for integration with external systems creating transparency and shared information within your ecosystem.

• Manage commissions for salespeople, brokers, dealer networks and more.


Underwriting: Manage risk with consistency and efficiency

• An auto finance embedded credit decision engine automatically analyzes applicant contracts, payment history and credit bureau checks.

• Key borrower information is gathered and presented in a convenient and fully customizable 360 view.

• To facilitate final customer approval, documents are easily generated and sent electronically for e-signature.

• Each decisioning and underwriting stage is streamlined with configurable workflows to save time and create efficiencies while maintaining your credit policies.


Auto finance Contract Management System (CMS): Long-term customer support

• Manage automotive loans or leases including vehicle, insurance and services within one contract.

• Monitor payments and account changes, support full-service contracts, manage insurance claims and early terminations and more.

• Rich end-of-term capabilities include re-lease, loan extension, re-negotiations, remarketing and more.

• Even after the vehicle is paid off, service history and insurance details are archived to support a long-term customer relationship.


After-sale collection: Identify and manage delinquencies

• Our automotive finance solution identifies late payments on contracts and unpaid accounts beyond your grace period.

• Printed or electronic communications are automatically sent to the borrower, providing a reminder to submit payment.

• When an account remains delinquent, the workflow initiates escalation steps with more formal communications. If escalation fails, repossession services or legal proceedings are triggered and tracked.

• The impact of unpaid loans/leases is reflected in your accounting ledger, helping you maintain accurate profit and loss estimates.

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