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Linedata Navquest

Get serious about fund oversight

NAV oversight

Perform daily fund oversight and risk controls on your fund’s official NAV calculation. 70+ customized controls help you improve processes and identify and fix issues before they damage your reputation or cost you money.

Contingent NAV

Conduct accuracy checks on your official NAV, and support business contingency planning with the ability to calculate a highly accurate, publishable backup NAV. Take control: don’t get caught out by delays or outages.

Scalable Platform

Grow your business without growing oversight costs. Our customizable, high-performance platform streamlines and automates controls so you can focus on higher value activities, and fixing issues.

Trusted Expertise

​​Protect your business, clients, and reputation with our independent NAV system. Developed with leading industry players, Navquest draws on over 20 years of front, middle and back-office expertise.

Helping asset managers meet their NAV oversight
ESG and data management obligations

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With Linedata Navquest, we are implementing an automated,scalable solution that affirms our commitment to identifying risk and providing accurate NAVs to our customers and to the market.

Charles A.Rizzo
CFO, John Hancock Group of Funds


Mitigate risk and protect your reputation with our automated, scalable fund oversight solution


Reliable fund oversight has never been more critical. Volatile markets, widespread remote working, and heightened regulatory focus have exposed the risks posed by outdated, spreadsheet-based NAV controls and inadequate business continuity planning.

If it’s time to rethink your NAV Oversight or Contingent NAV solution, think Linedata Navquest. It streamlines, standardizes, and automates daily checks of Net Asset Value calculations, providing clear metrics and reporting for audit, board, and regulatory purposes.

​Whether your NAV is generated internally by your fund accounting team, or externally by a third party, Navquest helps you save time, deploy resources more effectively, and mitigate operational and reputational risks. Its powerful rule engine provides over 70 customized controls, including statistical checks, NAV assessment, accounting verification, data source comparison and portfolio reconciliation. The easily configurable rules engine makes it possible to set up additional controls at any time, in line with your needs, and our team is always on hand to provide expert support.

In today’s digitally driven world, can you really entrust your fund’s value and reputation to outdated, spreadsheet-based fund oversight processes? Don’t be exposed by manual errors, outdated systems, or supplier failures. For independent NAV Oversight or a full Contingent NAV solution, Linedata Navquest is your NAV system of choice for robust risk management, transparency, and peace of mind.  


Delivering a host of business benefits through one NAV system


​Cost Control

​Navquest has a track record of helping leading asset managers grow their business without adding overhead. With Navquest your staff will focus on analyzing and triaging issues rather than data collection, helping you control operational costs and deploy resources efficiently.

Operational Risk Mitigation

​Spreadsheets and other manual processes have left errors undetected for months, leading to heavy fines and restitution. Navquest mitigates operational risk, including the “network effect” of errors when small discrepancies are compounded because NAV data is used in other processes.

Remote Workforce Management

​​The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the vulnerability of outdated manual processes. Navquest helps you maintain oversight and demonstrate operational resilience, transparent controls, and assurance around outsourcing and business continuity – regardless of location.​

Regulatory Compliance​

Asset managers have paid large fines due to inaccurate fund pricing, even though errors were made by their administrator. Navquest helps you address regulatory mandates to ensure accurate, up-to-date NAV calculations and contingency planning. 

Demonstrable Benefits

  • Automation and staffing efficiencies let you scale without a linear rise in cost
  • Staff can focus on high-value, exceptions-based analysis of operational breaks, rather than error-prone manual data collection and input
  • Enhanced ability to manage growing fund complexity, market turbulence and remote workforces
  • Demonstrable good governance and verifiable controls over fund operations
  • Risk and reputational protection because you can always publish accurate NAVs

Advanced Features

  • User-defined parameters match 70+ controls to your fund oversight and risk requirements
  • Intuitive workflow helps you resolve exceptions quickly and efficiently
  • '4-eyes’ checks, secure workflows, and full audit trail in line with industry best practices
  • Continuously available and independent of your fund administrator’s NAV processes
  • On-premise or hosted SaaS model, with secure access for remote workforces
  • Managed service includes data feed management and process monitoring


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