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The Fund Oversight Challenge: Helping asset managers meet their NAV oversight, ESG and data management obligations

A Funds Europe survey report in partnership with Linedata

The importance of robust fund oversight has been in the spotlight for many years, but this focus has increased of late due to multiple factors – the pandemic, the rise of ESG funds, regulatory requirements around fair value and investor demands for more transparency.

Of particular interest is the process of net asset value (NAV) oversight, an essential tool in assessing the daily value of a fund. The pandemic has shown just how important this oversight process is. It has also demonstrated the need to have a reliable alternative source for a ‘contingent’ NAV – for business continuity, regulatory compliance, and good governance.

​Meanwhile there has been a rapid rise in impact investing and the demand for sustainable products which has led to greater regulatory scrutiny on ESG funds in Europe and the US.

This is why we commissioned this research project – to assess the different approaches adopted by asset managers and the operational challenges they face both generally and for the NAV oversight process specifically. The results give reason for encouragement but also show that more must be done to improve the process.


Key takeaways include:

  • In terms of NAV oversight, managers’ two biggest pain points are the delays in receiving NAV from external providers (41%) and managing data providers (also 41%).
  • More than half of the respondents (53%) do not use workflow and exception management as part of their NAV production process.
  • 56% say that technology and data infrastructure will be the focus of their investment over the coming 12 months.​​​​​​​
  • 79% plan to invest in their ESG infrastructure over the next 12 months.​​​​​​​


Download the full report to learn more.

Funds Europe Report

The Fund Oversight Challenge

Helping asset managers meet their NAV oversight, ESG and data management obligations


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