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Linedata Navquest

Robust, comprehensive fund oversight
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Real time, flexible NAV control

NAV oversight, validation, testing and contingency

Available for the full range of middle office functions developed from more than 70 customizable controls, using a client’s own rules. Reconciles data sets from multiple sources

Significantly mitigates risk

Automatically double checks the internally or externally produced NAV applying a series of customizable, independent controls against the data, drastically reducing risk of posting an incorrect NAV

Highlights potential issues

Provides a signal about which NAV component may responsible, driving quick remediation in the event of a discrepancy

Automated, scalable to grow with your business

Customizable, high performance platform with the flexibility and scalability to meet your evolving business needs

Scalable, automated solution for mitigating NAV risks

Linedata navquest

Linedata Navquest is a powerful, flexible solution for mitigating the risks associated with producing a timely, accurate NAV in today’s challenging environment. Developed in partnership with several of the largest participants in the investment funds industry, Linedata NAV Solution solves global client challenges around increased complexity in fund oversight, contingency and risk management.  

Leading industry capabilities

  • Streamlined portfolio oversight, NAV testing, NAV validation, NAV contingency and regulatory reporting process
  • Set of 70 control types; user defined parameterization to match your specific requirements
  • Compliant with AIFMD & UCITS regulations, Automated AIFMD Reporting
  • NAV Controls include dynamic composed benchmark check
  • Fund and investor liquidity controls; Reconciliation, pricing and fees controls; Leverage and gross valuation controls

Value Add

  • Relational database provides secure, open access to data
  • With the rules engine running in-memory in the middle-tier, rule checking is distributed in parallel across multiple processors, delivering maximum performance and scalability
  • “Smart-client” technology with full featured interface to all locations over your corporate network or via internet
  • Full historic data capture with audit trails
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Client interview - Philippe Troesch

Managing Director - Meeschaert Asset Management

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      John Hancock

      With Linedata Navquest, we are implementing an automated, scalable solution that affirms our commitment to identifying risk and providing accurate NAVs to our customers and to the market.

      Charles A. Rizzo
      CFO, John Hancock Group of Funds.
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