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[VIDEO] Founder Institute x Linedata

Recently, we had the pleasure of welcoming our partner Founder Institute, a gas pedal and pre-seed accelerator for start-ups in Tunis. In this video shot in the new Linedata Tunis Lab we discuss our ambitions and what we aim to achieve from our partnership.

A beautiful afternoon of recording full of exclusive interviews with Mondher Merai, Director of Centers of Excellence in Tunis, Riga and Casablanca and Ali Mnif, Co-director at Founder Institute Tunisia.

Without revealing too much you will discover:

  • Our ambition: “innovation”, “engagement”, “creativity” are the shared values between Linedata and Founder Institute says Ali Mnif.
  • Our goal: A win-win collaboration that will allow us to build ties between our high skilled teams and local entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Our concrete action: Implementing an open innovation strategy and a mentorship program. 

Don’t miss the bonus question at the end!