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Solving the Fund Manager's perennial research question

Co-sourcing solution from Linedata Investment Data Analytics Service helps client balance idea validation with monitoring and maintenance

Head of Research, Fund Manager with $10BN+ AUM

“Your solution seamlessly complements my team, providing an excellent means for extending our research coverage.”

A scalable engagement model

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Client Challenges

  • Too much internal bandwidth spent on monitoring and maintenance
  • Too little time left for idea validation and stakeholder relations
  • The need to scale quickly without adding internal overhead

Our Solution

  • Co-sourcing engagement that frees up internal team to focus on high-value activities
  • Timely portfolio company coverage, plus support with new deals and ad hoc projects
  • Bespoke, scalable service that has evolved with the client's requirements

Client Benefits

  • Launch of new funds, thanks to senior team bandwidth being freed up
  • Enhanced efficiency through standardization of regular deliverables
  • Near round-the-clock market monitoring based on time-zone advantage

A major dilemma facing Fund Managers is the trade-off between allocating the research team’s bandwidth to monitoring existing investments, and identifying new opportunities. At one of our clients, a large US-based Fund Manager, the research team spent most of its time building financial models and tracking performance at 150+ portfolio companies. This left too little time to evaluate investment opportunities and manage investor relationships.

The firm knew it needed additional resources, but hesitated to add internal headcount because of the time and cost involved in recruiting, onboarding, training and retaining staff.

Our solution? A scalable engagement model – expanded over the past seven years – in which a select group of Linedata Investment Data Analytics analysts deliver a bespoke research and reporting service.

As a logical extension of the client team, our analysts use the firm’s tools and systems, providing full transparency, process control, and data security. Our expertise across sectors and geographies ensures timely coverage of portfolio companies, support for new deals, and timesensitive ad hoc projects.

The benefits of this ‘co-sourcing’ model have been significant. Freeing up precious senior bandwidth has enabled the Fund Manager to launch additional funds and expand its investment to 250+ companies. Regular deliverables have been standardized for greater efficiency, and the time-zone advantage provides near round-the-clock market monitoring. The engagement has since been expanded to include eight analysts and provide support for European Funds.

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