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Multibillion dollar hedge fund addresses information challenges with Data Warehouse solution

Linedata Advisory Services helps client streamline information management and keep costs stable while growing assets by $10B+

Enhanced agility and growth

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Client Challenges

  • Inefficient manual processes
  • Fragmented workflows and data storage
  • Lack of internal portfolio transparency
  • Operational and key-person risk

Our Solution

  • Virtual data warehouse fed by dozens of source systems
  • Next-generation information management and reporting
  • End-to-end program management and implementation
  • Enterprise-wide digital transformation

Client Benefits

  • Scaled assets by $10B+ while keeping headcount stable
  • Stable CapEx and optimal ROI on modern technology stack
  • Streamlined operational processes and data analytics
  • Reduced key-person dependency and risk

A multi-billion, multi-asset, multi-strategy hedge fund needed to enhance agility and growth by centralizing data and workflows into a single information management and reporting solution. It needed to provide access and outputs in line with the requirements of the firm’s user groups – investment management, performance and analytics, operations, and investor services. Increasing automation and reducing operational and ‘key person’ risk were important drivers.

To achieve these objectives, Linedata Advisory Services designed and delivered a virtual data warehouse fed by dozens of source systems. The cloud-based solution incorporated hundreds of datapoints, including trades, positions, investor information, risk metrics and portfolio analytics, Bloomberg pricing and Bloomberg Alpha. Our technology and investment management operations experts provided end-to-end program management and successfully delivered enterprise-wide digital transformation over an 18-month period.

Now, individual users have permission-based access to the right information through an intuitive, web-based user interface. Up-todate Excel files are generated daily for traders. NAV, PnL, Gross/Net returns, sector exposure, contribution and attribution are calculated in real time and batch mode to support risk management and reporting requirements. Daily reconciliation inspires confidence and increases overall efficiency.

Thanks to this solution, our client simultaneously scaled assets ($10B+ growth) and improved information management consistency while keeping headcount and technology-related CapEx stable. They operate more efficiently, with greater accuracy and consistency across the enterprise and a reduction in key-person dependency and related risk.

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