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Linedata Labs Interns’ key initiatives

As part of Linedata Labs' program, Zohra Saidi, Hajer Ben Harbia, Aymen Ben Ammar and Oussama Kordoghli in Tunis and Meghana Sirigudi, Nitish Kumar, Sasank Gundabathula and Saikiran Venkata in Mumbai devoted their end-of-studies internships to key projects helping accelerate the transformation of Linedata’s offers and solutions.

  • Enhancement of the Smart Data Loader, Linedata ETL
  • Implementation of a vocal assistant into the Trading module of Linedata AMP (in partnership with AWS and the Founders Institute)
  • POC dedicated to exceptions scheduling & prioritization in Linedata Optima, for Linedata's client UMB, thanks to AI and Machine Learning capabilities
  • Extension of Linedata's very 1st POC done in Mumbai Lab this year for Prime Brokers statements download automation to support Linedata's Reconciliation operations in India and in Hong-Kong
  • Trade Analytics Prototype for Linedata Analytics Services

Congrats and thank you to them.

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