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Linedata BI

Analysis Tool and Data Processing
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The solution for the processing of your data

A connected interface

This module is connected to the Linedata Ekip360 front-to-back solution and integrates external data linked to Linedata MyMetriks.

A graphical interface

Linedata BI allows you to rapidly process your reports by creating graphics and exporting results.

A real-time interface

The module provides management reports that show you the activity's current status and offer a real-time update of results.

A support tool for the production of decision-making objects

Linedata BI

Linedata BI is a module which, linked to the Linedata Ekip360 front-to-back solution, allows you to summarise corporate data in graphical and dynamic forms to make the decision-making process simple and efficient. This data recovery platform includes functions for analysing contracts, parties, management actions using different analytical perspectives and data.

The Linedata BI module integrates/covers all features that allow the implementation, administration and customization of a Business Intelligence solution.

Main functional features

  • Follow-up of commercial quotations
  • Follow-up of files via Linedata EKIP360 Back
  • Export of results in different formats
  • Integration of external data
  • Management of functional and technical aspects

Main non-functional features

  • Integration of a data recovery library
  • Optimal autonomy provided to customers

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