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Personal Insurance

The market for personal insurance is extremely competitive and is becoming increasingly global. Insurers, Pension Funds or Mutual Funds, you need to optimize your costs while remaining proactive and flexible, and you seek to enhance your technological and functional infrastructures. Conscious of your challenges and with the strength of nearly 20 years expertise in your sector, Linedata can support your growth in France with Linedata Assurances.

A unique and global solution for the savings & insurance industry

individual and collective savings contracts, for contingency insurance and pensions.
Modular, flexible and integrated, Linedata Assurances is ideal for the medium and larger companies located in France that seek performance, versatility and power. With Linedata Assurances, you can bring your new products to market within a few days while complying with your standard IT and administrative processes.


A unique asset liability platform for institutions

Using our expertise, we provide all the solutions and services for comprehensive management of your entire investment chain. Linedata allows you to automate and optimize all your asset and liability workflows from the Front to the Back Office on a single platform.

Linedata Assurances manages all types of personal savings and insurance from the most traditional to the most innovative. You can create in only few days tailor-made offerings through our powerful configuration engine. Our solution is scalable and can handle portfolios from thousands to millions of contracts.

Linedata Assurances is a modular platform that allow you to be interfaced very quickly with your current infrastructure.

Some modules such as Desktop Publishing, Order Management, Accounting or Reporting will allow you to fully integrate with your current information system while, for example, centralizing all the content workflow. A web services module is also available enabling you to synchronize and receive information whatever the distribution channel: internet, branches, partners, and clients’ extranets. All these modules are optional and can be implemented as you grow.