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[Innovation] Ashmita and Bob talk about startups and intrapreneurship

Through their exclusive interviews filmed during the last startup showcase organized in Neuilly's Lab, Ashmita Gupta and Bob Moitoso share with us their thoughts regarding the added value the relationship and projects with startups bring to our clients, and the benefits of our intrapreneurship program for each of the 1100 employees of the group.

“As we interact with startups, we are able to learn new things and learn new technologies, and bring that new information to our clients and to ourselves.” says Bob Moitoso, Head of Asset Management North America. 

“It is all about encouraging employees to be more creative, to think outside the box, and bringing them that comfort and that support system that they need to try these ideas.” comments Ashmita Gupta, Global Head of Data Analytics. 

Discover Ashmita's and Bob's interviews

Discover how our clients benefit from our relationship with the global ecosystem of startups

Listen to Ashmita's intrapreneurial story and how employees can leverage their ideas through our intrapreneurship program