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Growing Multi-Family Office recharges technology operations with Linedata AMP

Linedata's extensible Asset Management Platform - AMP, efficiently enables portfolio and order management, data, and APIs, and smoothly integrates and visualizes assets across all their systems. This gave our client confidence that their new technology solution could meet key objectives:

  • Provide streamlined cash forecasting, cash and liquidity management
  • Enable holistic views of clients’ holdings across disparate sets of data from multiple sources
  • Support publicly traded assets natively in their accounting book of records
  • Enhance reconciliation processes for quick, accurate, start-of-day positions, pricing, and valuations

Linedata Asset Management Platform - AMP

Whether you’re an institutional or a wealth manager, Linedata’s innovative Asset Management Platform – AMP – delivers all your business needs on a single platform to adapt nimbly to our changing world.

Cloud-enabled software, collaborative expertise with integrated data and analytics, and the flexibility of our modular design enables better decision-making, streamlines processes, and empowers scale and innovation. A host of special features, such as an intuitive trading user interface and webbased model management delivers value and drives growth, so you can reimagine your business and respond to any challenge.

With over 20 years’ experience, Linedata delivers humanized technology that empowers leading asset management and credit industry firms worldwide to evolve and operate at the highest levels.

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Linedata Cloud Hosting

Linedata was a pioneer in hosting 20 years ago and today works closely with clients to help determine the most appropriate cloud solutions aligned with each client’s internal strategy. At Linedata, this includes public, hybrid and private cloud infrastructure including on premise options. This allows clients like this Multi-Family Office to adopt new features more quickly and with ease, and supports better integrations, performance and scalability.

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A growing partnership

While Linedata AMP’s cloud enabled flexibility, robust functionality and ease of use are all key selling points, our client comments that, “beyond the feature differentiators, the Linedata team’s willingness to engage in a detailed pre-implementation phase helped both sides gain confidence in the chances of success”.

“The sales engineer’s technical ability, knowledge of the system and thoughtful consideration of the specific use cases we were focused on made all the difference.”


“Highly integrated, automated and auditable workflows are critical for our daily business. Our teams also need immediate access to holistic views of clients’ investments across all assets. The Linedata team shared a customized demo environment that allowed us to validate the platform’s flexibility, robustness and openness in meeting our specific needs.”

Partner and Portfolio Manager, Multi-Family Office with $20B AUM

“Functions that took months to complete can now be completed in minutes.”

“Choosing to host our solution in the cloud will free our IT team to focus on data integration and data management rather than systems administration.”

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