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FundFire Webinar: How New Asset Classes are Increasing Demands on the Front Office

Asset managers are feeling the pressure of market demands and looking to diversify their offerings with new products that can offset volatility and rising inflation with different risk and correlation profiles.

Among those new products gaining popularity: private markets, ESG offerings and products tracking cryptocurrency.

And while rolling out new equity funds may be seamless for most asset managers, launching funds in new asset classes is a bit more complicated, requiring front office expertise and tools to augment their existing capabilities. Likewise, as new ESG data proliferates, asset managers will be tasked with incorporating that new information and sharing it with investors.

In this webcast, we’ll take a look how asset managers are working with their teams and vendors to review and manage the technology, tools and data challenges of launching these products within their operations.

Join our expert panel:

  • Philitsa Hanson, Global Head of Product Management, Linedata
  • Ian Plaxin, VP Portfolio Management and Trading, BNY Mellon
  • Robert Klaber, Director of ESG Research, Parnassus
  • Matthew Kelly, Vice President, Northern Trust


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