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Enabling a CLO Manager to scale rapidly and embrace new opportunities

Linedata Investment Data Analytics Service helps client cover staff turnover and identify new opportunities worth over $70M

Chief Operating Officer $5B CLO Manager

“You have done a great job and were well prepared to handle our time-sensitive needs.”

No missed opportunities

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Client Challenges

  • Team attrition during CLO ramp-up
  • Limited bandwidth due to high market activity
  • Coverage continuity until new staff could be hired

Our Solution

  • Staffed two experienced credit analysts within 48 hours
  • Thorough screening of 45+ new deals
  • Seamless transition with in-house analysts

Client Benefits

  • $70M in investments with no missed opportunities
  • $100K savings over three months
  • Time to hire and onboard replacement staff

A Linedata client lost multiple investment team members just as it ramped up for increased new issuances. Our client could not afford to shift work to its other analysts and approached Linedata for a temporary solution until it could hire suitable replacements.

Within 48 hours of being contacted, Linedata staffed two experienced credit analysts to be members of the client’s extended team. In addition to support with the new deals, our analysts provided monitoring of credits previously covered by the outgoing analysts.

To ensure impeccable quality, the Investment Data Analytics management team supervised the deliverables to ensure adherence with our client’s investment research processes. The analysts themselves actively participated in the client’s investment committee discussions.

Our experienced team of MBAs and CFAs has extensive buy-side expertise across a broad range of asset classes. Their ability to onboard quickly meant no opportunities were missed. Over 45 deals were screened, leading to $70M in new investments.

Our client saved about $100K over three months while winning the time to recruit new staff. In addition, they retained one of our analysts on a full-time basis, generating further cost savings.

Linedata's Investment Data Analytics Solution

Our experienced team of CFAs and MBAs provides customized research support backed by advanced AI/ML technology.

  • $350bn+ client AUM serviced
  • 1,500+ companies monitored
  • 1,000+ new deals analyzed

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