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Digital transformation of a major asset allocator

Linedata Advisory Services helps client drive sustainable growth by demonstrating transparency and operational excellence.

Greater information accuracy and consistency

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Client Challenges

  • Outdated technology stack and IT organization
  • Expanded investor demands for information
  • Inadequate oversight of asset managers
  • Operational and key-person risk

Our Solution

  • Firm-wide operational review and risk assessment
  • Multi-year “change-the-business” roadmap
  • End-to-end program management and implementation
  • Staff role redefinition and restructuring

Client Benefits

  • Scaled assets by $2B+ without growing headcount
  • Modernized technology stack while keeping IT CapEx stable
  • Enhanced investor relations with better reporting and transparency
  • Reduced key-person dependency and risk

Linedata’s client, a multi-billion, multi-strategy asset allocator, needed to transform their entire middle and back-office operational and technology infrastructure to win larger mandates, address expanded investor information demands, improve its review and oversight of asset managers, and manage key-person risk.

Following an RFP process, Linedata Advisory Services experts conducted a firmwide operational review and risk assessment that culminated in a multi-year “change-the-business” roadmap. Its recommendations included selection and replacement of thirdparty applications, more efficient and effective operational and reporting workflows, enhancements to oversight and controls, and better organized information management and retrieval.

In addition to providing strategic analysis and the future roadmap, our consultants fully engaged with the client’s team to implement the initiatives outlined and bring the firm’s digital transformation to life. We conducted vendor RFPs, managed the resultant implementation, provided customization to address vendor gaps and idiosyncrasies, redefined staff roles and assisted with the firm’s restructuring.

As a result, our client simultaneously scaled assets ($2B+ growth), fully upgraded their technology, expanded investor reporting, and improved information management consistency while keeping headcount and technology-related CapEx stable. Minimal headcount growth was directed toward the investment and investor relations functions rather than operational, accounting, and technology cost centers.

Our client now operates more efficiently, with greater information accuracy and consistency across the enterprise and a reduction in key-person dependency and related risk.

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