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Global Transfer Agency Systems

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Streamline operations and
serve clients and investors better


As a Transfer Agent, you play a vital role in our digitally driven world. We understand your challenges, from higher costs and shrinking margins, to fierce competition and the need to distinguish yourself by delivering exceptional service to a new generation of tech-savvy investors.

Linedata Transfer Agency solutions address these challenges and more with robust, modern technology that enables automation and drives digital transformation. Third-party administrators and investment managers in all major markets and offshore locations use our transfer agency software and investor accounting solutions to service a broad range of traditional and alternative funds.

Whether you need a global enterprise-level platform, a flexible solution for traditional and alternative funds, or a fund administration solution comprising transfer agency and fund accounting, we have a solution to address your needs.


Robust regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance is one of the top responsibilities and challenges facing transfer agents. Our solutions let you customize your KYC approach per jurisdiction and address compliance requirements with ease using built-in AML/KYC functionality and integration options.  


Streamlined Transfer Agency operations

 Transfer agency has traditionally been a paper-based process characterized by manual intervention. We’ll help you modernize and digitize your operations, save time and money, and reduce manual entries and operational risk with advanced automation and task scheduling.


Enhanced customer experience

 Online banking and shopping have fueled investor expectations around instant access to information. Our advanced Investor Portal lets investors, distributors, and investment managers place orders, download reports and statements, and perform balance and transaction enquiries.

Choose the right solution to achieve your business objectives


Linedata Mshare Spirit: Next generation global transfer agency

Streamline and modernize your transfer agency operations with Mshare Spirit, our global transfer agency platform. Mshare Spirit helps alternative and traditional fund administrators automate workflows around recording, processing, and reporting investor activity, including KYC/AML. It supports multiple fund types and drives STP through automated tasks and easy external interface integration, increasing efficiency and reducing cost and risk.

If you’re looking for a modern, user-friendly platform to manage transfer agency operations and investor or partnership accounting functions in-house, look no further. Mshare Spirit supports complex fee calculations at the fund and investor level, coupled with flexible P&L allocations across multi-tiered fund structures, enabling managers to perform a variety of shadow NAV functions.


Linedata Icon TA: Industrial strength transfer agency solution

Looking for a transfer agency system to manage tens or hundreds of thousands of investor accounts? Linedata Icon TA provides a comprehensive, proven platform for administering collective investment holdings, particularly for UK and European markets. It supports retail and wholesale processing, with automated throughput, including direct credit payments via BACS.  

This industrial-strength solution enables one major client to manage over half a million investor accounts and thousands of transactions each day.  


Investor Portal: Empowering your clients

 Put customer service first with our Investor Portal. The Portal’s self-service approach enhances transparency and the user experience. Investors have 24/7 access to fund information (e.g. KIID), balances, and statements. They can update their personal details, saving phone calls and paperwork, and place trades with instant order validation, for full peace of mind.

 The Investor Portal integrates with your Linedata Transfer Agency platform using APIs, so all parties always have access to up-to-date, accurate information. Whether you are already our client or want to take your operations to the next level, the Portal will save you time, enhance customer satisfaction, and support your digital transformation.


Linedata Admin Edge: Hosted fund administration platform

 If you need an all-in-one fund administration solution, Linedata Admin Edge is your answer. For institutional, hedge and alternative funds, it provides fund accounting, investor administration and P&L allocations, plus a web portal and customized reporting in an affordable, integrated package.

 Enjoy the benefits of Admin Edge without installing any hardware or software at your premises. Linedata pioneered the hosted delivery of asset management applications over 15 years ago and we remain experts in the field.


Linedata Mshare Spirit
Linedata Mshare Spirit

Streamline fund administration and enhance client service with Linedata’s web-based global transfer agency solution.

Linedata Admin Edge

Hosted global platform for all your fund administration requirements.

Linedata Investor Portal
Linedata Investor Portal

Helping you serve your clients better.

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The Rise of the Millennials: Shaping the Future of the Investment Fund Industry

A sea change is on the horizon: the rise of Millennials and Generation Z in the global workforce and as investors.