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Transfer Agency (TA) service providers face many opportunities and challenges driven by changes in the regulatory framework.  AIFMD and UCITS legislation, designed to offer greater protection to investors and to further increase transparency, and FATCA and the forthcoming OECD CRS requirements, developed to better fight tax evasion and ensure tax compliance. To be a leader in today’s financial industry requires a continuous effort to improve operational efficiency in order to increase process efficiency and robustness through increased automation and integration with distribution platforms. The digitized BtoBtoC relationship is now a must-have; that includes the provision of a comprehensive investor web portal as well as flexible reporting and analysis tools. Linedata provides leading TA and shareholder recordkeeping solutions backed by over 10-years of proven market experience and used by some of the world’s largest institutions.

Discover our range of solutions for Transfer Agency

Multi-region, proven track record in serving a diverse range of business models in a variety of jurisdictions

Workflow-oriented, exception based, end to end automation

Advanced communication, data access and distribution

Product-based and business-oriented managed services delivered by dedicated local expert teams

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