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Linedata Optima

An innovative suite of business process management (BPM) tools
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Offering a new level of oversight

Effective process and workflow control

Organize daily work sequences with diaries and workloads with Linedata Optima. Guide your users through workflows with visual process design including both manual and automated tasks.

True exception-based operation

No more manual searching for exceptions. Linedata Optima provides a timely list of exceptions. Event-driven processes guide the user to the remedy with, of course, full interaction with your core Linedata product.

Process transparency

Linedata Optima monitors processes and events in real time with visual dashboards. All documented workflows are available as an online book of procedures.

Performance monitoring and continuous improvement

Linedata Optima can track all process activity, at its base level, and provide relevant data to measure process efficiency against relevant KPIs.

An innovative suite of business process management (BPM) tools

Linedata Optima

Linedata Optima delivers a functionally rich, visually advanced set of tools to help you manage and constantly improve the fund accounting processes you use with your Linedata solution.

Thanks to its visual, intuitive approach, information can be shared throughout the organization, with specific views for different user profiles.

Linedata Optima examines your processes as they happen, catches errors quickly and enables you to fix not just that instance but also to improve the process. This functionality facilitates the capture and systemization of processes and workflows enabling them to be contained within the system rather than held by an individual operative.


Core Features

  • Real-time display of event and exception messages and graphical display of automated processes
  • Online Book of Procedures: Visual, intuitive workflow designer using BPMN 2.0 standards. Always up-to-date by definition, capturing key-person knowledge so future-proofed
  • Hierarchy of Processes supported, where master processes triggers creation and assignment of child processes and steps, which report to Master Processes for completion and new triggers
  • Comprehensive user-defined views, including lists of events and exceptions, diary, workloads & KPIs
  • Provision of detailed process execution metrics for each step of the process

Value Add

  • Collaborative exception-handling
  • Increased agility, process standardization and employee empowerment
  • Tailor-made, agile, end-to-end process automation
  • Allows to monitor process performance over time vs. KPIs and support continuous performance improvement plans

Fund Services Platform

Multi-region, proven track record in serving a diverse range of business models in a variety of jurisdictions

Workflow-oriented, exception based, end to end automation

Advanced communication, data access and distribution

Product-based and business-oriented managed services delivered by dedicated local expert teams

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      Transfer Agency
      Investment book of records & Oversight
      West Yorkshire Pension Fund chooses Linedata Optima
      West Yorkshire Pension Fund

      Linedata Icon has consistently proven its worth as a powerful accounting platform and reliable investment book of records. We are delighted to extend our Linedata partnership to include Optima as we fully digitise our back office and transform our operating model in line with the diverse investment mandates of the Northern LGPS Pool.” 

      Ola Ajala
      Financial Controller
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