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Fund Services Platform Solution
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Digitally transforming operations

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Servicing over thousands of funds and trillions in assets globally, a complete fund accounting solution used by large TPAs, asset managers, hedge funds, insurers, pensions to boutique fund houses.

Repeatable Process Automation (RPA)

Benefit from a highly automated solution with straight through processing and powerful workflow that allows genuine hands-off operation to maximize efficiency, allowing you to focus on key risks and value add.

Flexible & Configurable

The volume of change is greater and faster paced than ever, with more regulation, new fund types and securities. Take advantage of innovations as they occur in the market, without needing system development.

Ease of Implementation

An out of the box, fully operational system that can be swiftly deployed and configured to meet exact requirements. Our expert consultants are on hand to ensure a smooth implementation

Enterprise strength fund accounting solution

Linedata Icon

Linedata Icon is an enterprise system, used globally and taking advantage of the latest technology to provide a modern, scaleable fund accounting and valuations platform. Its high level of workflow automation, flexibility, transparency and control through interactive dashboards and exception management minimise risk whilst maximizing efficiency, making it a highly competitive solution in this cost driven world. Continuous investment in innovation and regular releases keep you up to date with the latest capabilities and regulatory requirements.

The ideal solution for Asset Managers, Asset Owners and Third Party Administrators, supporting multiple fund structures and types, including open or closed ended, mutual funds, master-feeder, ETFs, UCITS, NURS, QIS, SICAVs, Unit Trusts, Investment Trusts, Insurance and Pension funds.

Linedata Icon solution is currently being used in Asia, Europe, and North America.

Core Features

  • Multi-asset accounting system that manages stock positions, generates double-entry accounting for all transactions across a comprehensive range of instruments.
  • Three parallel cost bases, including lot and average cost accounting, each with three currencies and supporting IFRS and local GAAP.
  • NAV price calculation based on a single-price or a dual-price valuation. Multi-class support, including currency classes and share class hedging.
  • Real-time system with each transaction time stamped to allow continuous processing and multiple valuation points per day
  • Multi-enterprise within a single Linedata Icon system supported. Deployed in-house or cost effective hosting by Linedata.

Value Add

  • High automation with the ability to run scheduled processes such as creations / liquidations, income, corporate actions, etc in the background allowing users to focus on exceptions.
  • Powerful reporting capabilities with over 150 standard reports, an integral query writing tool accessing the whole database which can then re-import or export the results.
  • Excellent connectivity through generic API or out of the box two‑way interfaces to a range of data vendors for security reference data, prices, exchange rates and corporate actions.
  • Single source of transactions to run Investment Book of Records from, eliminating onerous reconciliations. Configure automated exports at the start, end or intraday.
  • Our SaaS offering consists of common system administration operations, e.g. portfolio maintenance and operator maintenance allowing users to focus on their core business

Fund Services Platform

Multi-region, proven track record in serving a diverse range of business models in a variety of jurisdictions

Workflow-oriented, exception based, end to end automation

Advanced communication, data access and distribution

Product-based and business-oriented managed services delivered by dedicated local expert teams

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      Without Linedata Icon and the Linedata support team the calculation of our unit prices would be near impossible in the  strict timelines required. Linedata Icon is a very effective tool enabling fund accounting and pricing within our organization. Also, the high quality support that comes alongside the system provides us with a high level of confidence and assistance.

      Rachel Hardy
      Finance Director, Foresters Friendly
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