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innovation_01Blockchain group

One Bitcoin being valued more than an ounce of gold and the first regulated Bitcoin Investment fund going live (on Linedata Icon) are exciting milestones. However, at Linedata Exchange London, a discussion on cryptocurrencies swiftly moved onto the opportunities for the technology that underpins it: the blockchain. The blockchain enables companies to work together in new ways, for example sharing a distributed ledger as a single source of truth. There is now a golden opportunity to do things differently.

Artificial intelligence / machine learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are changing the Financial Services sector – and Linedata is working to help our customers benefit from these innovations. We see Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning not as replacements for Financial Services personnel, but as ‘aides’ which magnify the utility of the portfolio, order, and trade execution data already provided by our products. By integrating these capabilities into our products, we aim to keep our customers at the forefront of this technology revolution.

User experience (UX)

We focus our product design on the “client’s journey” -- the workflows that our clients’ workforce use to perform their jobs every day. Combining task-centric user interfaces supported with context-sensitive help enables our users to continuously concentrate their activities on the activities critical to delivering value to their own clients.

The UX design and development work for our 360 products centers around the Linedata Execution Architecture Framework 360 (LEAF 360), which provides these products with a powerful set of User Experience (UX) oriented capabilities such as:

- Enhanced navigation features such as links and drag-and-drop functionality for Business Objects or Business functions between screens or screen components, and an embedded 360 view as well as a set of powerful widgets (quick access, preferred objects, history).

- Enhanced customization for the user interface: screens or parts of a screen can be reused and customized for your company, for user profiles, or used as preferences for a single user.

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Microservices

Our product development is centered on delivery designs based on SOA and Microservices Architecture. These architectures represent approaches to software modularity that functionally decompose an application into a set of services. Each service corresponds to a business capability, which is an activity that our clients perform to create value. SOA and MsA enables our teams delivering Linedata’s complex applications to produce better and more scalable software faster.


DevOps is an IT development approach that integrates software development with IT operations. A unified DevOps team is responsible for both product functionality and system quality. At Linedata, we are combining DevOps practices and unified team culture with new IT infrastructure to build on our existing Agile Methodology. By introducing the disciplines of Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, and Continuous Delivery, Linedata is accelerating feature delivery while improving on our high quality standards.