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Linedata Chorus

Investment Management for Institutional Investors

Insurance & Pensions Fund Administration solution

A multi-standards solution for total compliance

Leading solution for multi-standards accounting production (local GAAP, IFRS and Solvency II) for insurance, non-life insurance and mutualist groups.

Your turnkey market data service

Receive daily prices, reference data and corporate action announcements relating to your investments, sourced among the best providers, and supported by a team of experts.

Supports investment management lifecycle

Manage your investment process and ensure real time execution of your asset allocation scenarios under financial and accounting constraints with complete integration up to recognition.

Tailor-made processes that combine automation and agility

We can configure your processes to match your business requirements from minimal automation, with human interaction, to full automation.

The multi-standards SaaS solution for the management of institutional portfolios


Linedata Chorus is a suite of solutions and services specifically designed for insurance management and pension organizations. Comprehensive and flexible, it is supported by its value-added services NILE and SAAS, to globally address the requirements of the insurance fund administration sector.

Providing complete coverage of cash and derivative instruments, Linedata Chorus ensures real time position keeping and compliance with multi-standards accounting (IFR, Solvency II, GAAP and local GAAP). Your data is easily accessible enabling single production of reports for financial statements and regulatory reporting and internal purposes.

Linedata's Chorus is tailored to the needs of the French market.

With Linedata Chorus, the end user just has to oversee the process, using the visual dashboards that are updated in real time, and address any exceptions.

Christophe Darreau
Head of Operations, La Mondiale Europartner


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Download our whitepaper to learn more about the future of the fund administration industry with the rise of Millennials and Generation Z in the workforce.

Key functions

  • Multi-country, multi-jurisdiction, multi-tenant and multi-standard

  • Complete and ready to use securities repository with the Linedata NILE service Prices, characteristics and corporate action announcements provided daily

  • Multi-instruments, multi-institutions, multi-standards position keeping Real time management of cost prices, amortisations and provisions based on local and IFRS standards

  • Management and supervision of operating processes with Linedata Optima: graphical modelling (BPMN standard), real time dashboards, notifications and alerts, KPI monitoring

  • Availability via a datawarehouse of all the accounting and financial data necessary for your decision-making reporting or to supply your information system

Additional modules

  • Insurance portfolio management with simulations of asset reallocation under regulatory, accounting and financial constraints

  • Native compliance with Solvency 2 Additional securities characteristics, integration of UCITS portfolios in TPT-AMPERE format, transparency analysis, production of QRTs

  • End-to-end industrialisation of portfolio updating: integration of events, controls, valuation, recognition, verification of constraints

  • Complete and easy-access audit trail ensuring full traceability

Linedata Admin Edge: Hosted fund administration platform

If you need an all-in-one fund administration solution, Linedata Admin Edge is your answer. For institutional, hedge and alternative funds, it provides fund accounting, investor administration and P&L allocations, plus a web portal and customized reporting in an affordable, integrated package.

Enjoy the benefits of Admin Edge without installing any hardware or software at your premises. Linedata pioneered the hosted delivery of asset management applications over 15 years ago and we remain experts in the field.


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Our expert

Selva Tirou

Selva Tirou


Account Manager, Fund Services Europe