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Linedata Webinar Replay – How To Solve The Complexity Challenge In Commercial Lending

The Commercial Lending landscape is ever-changing and becoming increasingly more and more complex while reflecting a variety of significant and conflicting influences on the business. It starts with multi-faceted customer needs, but also includes product design and management, underwriting and risk management, regulatory compliance, back office processes, staff skills and technology applications.

Performance pressures are mounting. Spreads are eroding even as the commercial side is being called upon to do even more to offset the crawling consumer side, fueling a battle for market share that will require a sharpened customer outreach. Regulators are exerting more pressure for consistency. Meanwhile there is growing frustration with various performance initiatives that have not yielded desired traction.

For many banks, the development of a Target Operating Model and implementing a robust technology solution is essential in clarifying how their commercial lending organization can move ahead.

Learn more about how your organization can address process, transparency, role clarification, credit approval, technology requirements and complete an end-to-end review and design of commercial lending origination around a common goal.


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