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Linedata Ekip360 Insight: When Technology Speaks Your Language


Linedata Ekip360 is part of our new generation of software packages dedicated to the lending and leasing business. Linedata Ekip360 is the result of a major overhaul of the well-known Linedata Ekip platform, widely deployed in 32 countries. This ambitious project, initiated in 2011, has represented a significant investment with the objective to give the lending and leasing market players a real competitive advantage, increased productivity and level of service while improving the management of risk. Linedata Ekip360 brings you the most modern tools to optimize the complete contract management process with intuitive and customizable human interfaces, using the latest web technologies (360˚ view, contextual menus, saved input data context, widgets etc…) and a service oriented architecture, which is modular and easy to integrate into your information system. The goal of this new platform is also to give a personalized and targeted answer according to the financial products you manage. The flexibility of the solution offers you better agility, especially in the creation and marketing of new products. Throughout the year, we will develop several aspects of the advantages of the Linedata Ekip360 technology. In this first issue, we will focus on the way Linedata Ekip360 allows its users, by a simple parameter setting, to adapt their work tool to their business, to the financial products they manage and to their organization.


PHILOSOPHY: The old generation of Linedata Ekip was based on a powerful conceptual model whose functions were quite general whatever the financial product managed and whatever the management operations conducted. The new generation Linedata Ekip360, is distinctly business and work situation oriented: it’s the business and the management operations that determine the interface proposed to the user with respect to his or her personal work context.


A major European banking group, client of Linedata, emphasizes:

The advantages of the new Linedata Ekip 360 platform for our organization were immediately obvious. Against today's difficult market backdrop and the huge cost constraints it imposes, the new Linedata Ekip360 platform will generate significant savings thanks to its business coverage approach, custom configuration and streamlined architecture that is easy to roll out.


To use Linedata Ekip360, a simple web navigator is required without any technical installation on the workstation. The Linedata Ekip360 workstation has been designed to adapt itself to the business and the organization and provide a strong user experience and improved efficiency in its daily use. It is composed of five main elements: 

  • The « main menu »: gathers all the search and create functions grouped in thematic tabs.
  • The « widgets »: real productivity tools, which allow, by simple « drag and drop », to quickly access the management operations, to the most used objects and the last operations executed …
  • The « summary zone » is a synthetic view on the processed element at the heart of the work situation (contract, third party…) and contains the most important information (financed amount, status…).
  • The « 360 view »: summarizes all the components of the principal element and allows access to each of them by a simple click, and drag and drop to a short-cut…
  • The « work zone »: the zone where management operations are accomplished. The user accesses a contextual menu proposing only the actions related to the processed element and in line with the rights of his profile


Each element of the workstation can be customized: you can, by a simple parameter setting, display, hide or reorganize functions, data blocks and choose the information displayed on the screen. The description of all the fields and functions may be modified to better match your work habits. In this way, the administrator can customize the screens for certain categories of users depending on their rights. On the other side, the user may personalize his data sheets, save his views, and choose and reorganize the widgets that he needs.


The general design can be customized and reflect your corporate charter (logos, colors, character definition, etc.). The same organization may even have a different design for each user category through contextual rules (to offer for example specific designs for its different partners…).


Much of the parameter setting is done in XML files. However, if the administrator wants to further customize and build more complex rules, he may use the Drools (or JBoss Rules) tools, a freeware for managing business rules. External software components can also be integrated into the Linedata Ekip360 work space by enriching an existing work situation or by creating a whole new one. Additionally, the Web Services may be enriched with pre- or post- processes to realize checks specific to the organization. The customization capabilities are endless and allow a financial institution to benefit from the power and the sustainability of a proven software package while adapting it to its business needs and its organization.


  • Faster and easier deployment: Linedata Ekip 360 works on a UNIX platform with a service oriented architecture (SOA) and uses rich internet applications (RIA). Linedata Ekip360 is a modular solution which is easy to integrate with customer relationship management solutions and other existing systems.
  • Quick Start: The customization capabilities presented above provide an intuitive interface. There is no need for user training with easy adoption due to a work environment that accurately corresponds to the business and to the users’ role in the organization.
  • Improved productivity: The access to information and to the functionalities of a contract is strongly accelerated due to the 360 view and to an interface that adapts automatically depending on the business and operational context.
  • Improved communication and customer service: In a couple of clicks, all the data linked to a third party and a contract appear on the screen of the account manager. He is then able to provide the information requested by the customer, execute simulations, send associated documents via e-mail and conduct the management operations, etc. The processing delays of customer requests are therefore significantly reduced.

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