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About us

Anvaraly Jiva

The world is moving fast. The financial industry is evolving rapidly and our customers' expectations are getting higher and higher. It is a constant challenge to meet these expectations, a challenge that inspires us and pulses us forward.

Anvaraly Jiva
Founder & CEO

At Linedata, we know that the banking and financial system is essential, as vital to society as energy is to life.

To help people comply with financial regulation, to operate data and manage strategic plan developments, to support companies' efficiency and profitability so that they fully dedicate themselves to their core business, to empower growth, wealth and leadership, to anticipate and master transformation in an ever changing world, we humanize technology. Because we are independent, trustworthy, approachable and committed, because our teams are close, attentive, caring and passionate, because our experts are specialists, partners and responsive, we excel ourselves to deliver global solutions for leadership.

Stimulated by growing influencers and successful clients wishing to transform themselves, excited by collaborative companies sharing our entrepreneurial mindset and ambitions, we unlock their creative power to make money move around and fuel economies, in order to help people develop capacities and dignity for future generations.

Linedata makes the heart of financial creativity beat to help humanity prosper.


Because finance matters to our society as much as energy to life, fueling financial transformation is vital for development and leadership


Make the heart of financial creativity beat to help humanity prosper


We humanize technology

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