Software as a Service

Service, more than just a word… a culture

As a partner, our aim is to support you throughout the life and growth of your business. We are expert and passionate about our business and the financial industry.

Every day we think about how we can help you. We are with you for the long-term. That is the reason why 80% of our clients have used our services for over 10 years and we are very proud of this.

Software as a Service

For a number of years, the IT industry has been talking about SaaS (Software as a Service).  At Linedata, SaaS has been a reality for us for a long time.  As a pioneer for over 10 years with the set up of ASP infrastructure for the financial industry, Linedata has preached and spread this model throughout the global financial community, for its full range of products. This enables our clients to grow without disproportionate overheads and to rapidly roll out their services using our infrastructure.

A service combining three complementary businesses

Linedata has always been more than a pure software provider. We seek to support our clients at every stage of their projects. Linedata takes charge of the design and development of its software solutions, manages integration and provides the support and hosting solutions that financial establishments require. No matter what your profile, your size, your ambition, we can provide a service tailored to you.

A service that is close to you

Linedata has a regional organization with offices throughout the world. This organization brings the reassurance of having experts that understand your local and cultural challenges.

With over 900 employees, Linedata is a multi-cultural company, open to all nationalities in the world.