Linedata Profinance


Linedata Profinance offers comprehensive, modular front-to-back management of the vehicle life cycle, from wholesale finance for the retailer to retail finance for the end customer. Its advanced functionality in the area of retail network financing is recognized and used by leading international players in over 15 countries.


Designed for flexibility and rapid implementation, Linedata Profinance has an SSO/J2EE architecture that makes it easy to integrate with a wide variety of environments. Its configuration modules are user-friendly and intuitive.

Linedata Profinance has the following characteristics based on the highly parameterized design:

  • Flexibility to satisfy branding and local market requirements through easy-to-use configuration
  • Multi-companies, portfolios and multi-brands
  • Full Euro compliance and multi currencies
  • Multi language (page edition and client communication)
  • Local legislative, tax and accounting rules
  • International address, bank format etc.

Linedata Profinance is easily deployed to support multi-country operations with diverse business requirements:

  • Flexibility of commercial offer through parameterization
  • Integrated “Content Manager” module for customization of the branding and look and feel
  • Scalable technology: adaptation to various organization sizes
  • Suited to central hosting with distributed user populations

General characteristics include:

  • Capability to manage the full range of organizational, business partner and channel structures: finance companies, end-customers, commercial partners, distributors (OEMs and dealers), service providers, etc.
  • Management of links or business relationships between business partners enables the management of the risk for groups of customers or holding companies for individual subsidiaries and consolidated at the group level
  • Comprehensive management of accounts (online and via reports) by defining business rules and workflow configuration
  • The parameterized nature of the design enables marketing staff to easily define the product offering, creating a catalogue of available financial products and associated services, the characteristics of which can be adjusted individually and tailored according to customer requirements
  • Configuration of the financial plans and products allows users to parameterize online the funding conditions (rate, duration, monthly payment, deposit…) of a specific loan or lease chosen by the customer from a list of available financial plans
  • Configuration of the services (insurances, maintenance etc.) enables the finance company to customize (calculation rules, periodicity, mandatory or optional attribute…) the various complementary services or value added products offered along with the financing

Linedata Profinance is already deployed in these countries: Austria, Belgium, China, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Slovenia, UK