Lending and leasing expertise

Linedata, a team of experts at your service

With over 150 installed environments, we can offer you unrivalled expertise in project management.

We have developed a pragmatic knowledge-base that stays focused on our customers’ requirements.

We offer solutions and services tailored to your needs: implementation, deployment, data migration and reallocation of portfolios into the production environment.

Our experience allows us to adapt to any type of configuration:

  • Expertise and functional support
  • Full integration of our solution into your architecture
  • Close collaboration and partnership with integrators recognised in the lending business.

Our work is based on fundamental values: quality, effectiveness, pragmatism and pedagogy. Beyond just words, we have designed our project approach around innovative, efficient and quantifiable products and services.

The AGILE project management methodology

Our project methodology is based on the use of a prototype that we have developed using our knowledge of best business practices. Our consultants have access to improved and intelligent tools for generating configuration data as part of an AGILE approach. With our tools and expertise, we can provide quick and tangible results as well as rapidly increase your team’s skills.

A tailored solution

Through the software’s extensive capabilities in terms of configuration, or by creating specific developments, we can deliver a solution that meets all of your needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.

An infrastructure at your service

Beyond the implementation project, and with a view to reducing operating costs, we can handle all of your production problems through an SaaS offer.