Equipment Finance – Leasing


Many leasing and asset finance market players share the same view. A better knowledge of their customers and a close oversight of the products marketed contribute to the growth of this industry and must be placed at the heart of each market players’ business strategy.

Therefore, any initiative designed to enhance growth must include:

  • An analysis of the most efficient segments by an overall and detailed control of all of the activity’s parameters, from customer knowledge to online sales channels or physical sales points as well as to the products sold.
  • The best possible customer risk management
  • Value creation by improving the quality of service

Know and understand your environment

Every market player must acquire an internal management tool which makes it possible to respond to major issues such as the profitability of its products, his clientele’s structure and its key accounts.  Thanks to this advanced analysis of the ROE, non-profitable products can be removed from the product range and the products adapted to each customer segment can be defined, becoming an important source of future customer loyalty.

Manage the customer risk

As a counterpart of this loyalty strategy, the customer default risk might be increased.  It is therefore necessary to have a comprehensive view of the customer’s environment. From an operational point of view, it is important to evolve and move from a “contract” management to a “customer” management by ensuring the best possible risk management.

Create value

The improvement of the quality of service is a key factor which makes the difference in a highly competitive environment such as the leasing and asset finance sector.  For this reason, each market player must innovate and create value without reducing its current operating margins.

Three approaches exist on the market:

  • The “Risk-based tariff”: on the basis of a detailed segmentation of the portfolio, it is possible to maintain the margin by lowering the customer’s interest rate
  • The increase in the margin by providing value-added complementary services
  • Cross-selling: the possibility to analyse and estimate the consumers’ needs for new financial products or services makes it possible to optimise marketing campaigns and to promote additional sales.

Linedata’s offer at the heart of the business strategy

Linedata supports real estate financing players with the Linedata Ekip 360 software package and its Distribution and Management systems.

Thanks to the exceptional range of offers, you can offer your clients financing solutions adapted to their needs, including asset finance, financial lease, full service rental, fleet management and services contracts.


Front-Middle Office

Our embedded software package provides you with all the features linked to your business in order to ensure the Distribution and Management of your commercial offers.

Linedata’s offer:

  • distributes your products in your points of sale, agencies and offices
  • provides sales tools in order to align the customer’s need with the catalogue of commercial offers in terms of multi-asset, multi-schedule, multi-rate, multi-currency financings and seasonality
  • manages the decision and risk assessment stages thanks to its unique follow-up system for proposal versions
  • provides a personalised follow-up of portfolios for vendors, sales and point of sale managers.
Back Office

Besides the conventional parties management, invoicing and cash flow operations, the completeness of our solution provides you with more flexibility in day-to-day contract management:

  • Provision of a wide range of amendments (effective deferment of monthly repayments at the end of the contract, renegotiation with reintroduction of unpaid invoices, rescheduling…). These operations which are initiated directly from the point of sale or from the after-sales service are backed up onto an integrated workflow. The effective date of the modifications can be retroactive or anticipated and all operations can be cancelled
  • Asset split for partial sale or damage claim, sale or re-leasing of off-lease assets etc.
  • Follow-up of depreciations per asset in order to take into account the regulatory changes required by IAS
  • Embedded auxiliary accounting including a complete ascending and descending accounting audit trail
  • Management of funding pools.

“For several reasons, the choice of a software package, and specifically Linedata Ekip, quickly proved to be the ideal solution.

First, we appreciated the involvement and competent advice given by Linedata’s staff who helped us to quickly acquire the expertise we needed with a full transfer of competence.

Secondly, we had a very tight schedule and Linedata was able to provide us with a software solution which met our requirements and was operational within three months.

Finally, it was essential to integrate Linedata Ekip into our existing “in-house” front office tool and our accounting information system. Linedata provided the appropriate connectors so that all of our applications can communicate with each other allowing us to maintain our workflow performances.

We are aware that we are currently using only a small part of Linedata Ekip’s functional coverage and we have also been impressed by Linedata’s ability to support our future development of new products.”

VIATELEASEPhilippe Kacel – Chief Financial Officer


“I joined ARKEA Crédit Bail in order to create and develop this new offering.

The critical success factors of this project include quick time-to-market, flexibility and speed of deployment. This is why we chose Linedata Ekip to create and manage our new Equipment Leasing contracts”.

This project was completed in a few months which is an excellent performance in terms of software project implementation in the leasing sector. We particularly appreciated the robustness and the reliability of the software, as well as the support provided by the expert Linedata teams.

Linedata Ekip is also easy to master. Its key features meant that our offering got off to a flying start and 500 contracts were dealt with in the first 100 days.”

ARKEA Crédit Bail – Olivier Prot – Managing Director