A Front-to-Back Office platform for all types of credit facilities

Vertical coverage

Linedata provides a scalable and embedded Front-to-Back-Office solution that offers a seamless environment for all Distribution and Management activities of Lending, Leasing and Asset Finance, from the first customer contract through to contract termination. This solution can:

  • manage all your contract acquisition cycles with a solution installed in your points of sale
  • streamline and secure your contract-granting process with an embedded decision-making system
  • optimise your contract administration and after-sales operations.

Unparalleled horizontal Business coverage

We provide solutions for the business needs of consumer credit, vehicle financing, equipment financing and mortgage and real estate financing.

Constantly increasing geographical coverage

Currently used in 32 countries, the Linedata solutions have demonstrated their ability to adapt to all sorts of local specifications and requirements.




In an increasingly competitive market, being able to make flexible and scalable offers is of the utmost importance. Your commercial targets are becoming more demanding, needing to go beyond mere financing to make the most of your expert advice and knowledge.

In order to provide these services, you will need cutting edge, effective and productive tools that are able to give you the best advantage when dealing with the ever-changing market.

With our Front-Office solution, your contributors (partners, dealers, points-of-sale, agencies, etc.) will be able to provide funding (allocated or not) through a broad range of financial products such as loans, lease-options, equipment leasing or full-service rental.

You will be able to process all types of clients, from individuals to professionals and companies; assets including new or used vehicles, utility vehicles and new or used equipment, services such as asset or personal insurance, loss of employment insurance, financial loss insurance, maintenance, extension of guarantees, and more.


The solution can handle the entire contract acquisition process including pricing management, which is performed using the product catalogue. The highly-customisable software solution even covers the commercial phase in its entirety. It will allow you to identify and get to know your clients as well as help you to select the pricing most suited to the adopted business rules.

Thanks to its services oriented architecture (SOA/Web Services), the solution can be integrated into other applications such as an existing website, for example.




Recent events and developments have shown that complete control of acceptance processes is essential. Being able to produce risk-assessed, reliable analyses within the strictest of time constraints will provide a definite leg-up when it comes to competition. Justifying sound management of activities to your regulators is a fundamental requirement that must also be met.

Our Middle office will allow you to improve and optimise the time financial requests spend under consideration and will also provide simpler and faster access to the data you require for follow-up. This application integrates all pre-requisites needed for the implementation of grant processes, including:

  • setup of external automatic score modules, using an internal calculator or by calling up external tools
  • third party verification and deduplication processes in order to make data more reliable
  • management of contractual documentation and justification documents, along with connections needed for integration with an Electronic Documentation Management tool
  • management of versions during Front- and Middle-Office exchanges
  • full Back-Office integration, both in terms of new contract creation and repository management, as in financial tool integration
  • features that allow for better organisation and supervision of work
  • a customisable, integrated workflow
  • complete audit trail of the information modified during the grant process.




As a part of your day-to-day operations, when managing your portfolio, it is important to take into account the productivity needs inherent to any business, while also maintaining the level of security and reliability required by the nature of your financial activities.  It is also crucial for you to have a comprehensive audit trail that will monitor all of your management operations, including accounting.

The back-office will help you manage the entire lifecycle of your lending contracts, from development management to litigation:

  • pre-financing management
  • complex financial schedules: single or multiple repayment periods, increased first instalment, balloon, deferment of supplier payment, subventions, with or without syndicate …
  • clients structures are managed hierarchically and a credit ceiling can be associated with each level
  • many types of services (insurance, etc.) can be allocated to contracts and persist after the total has been refunded
  • management of guarantees on assets or on persons
  • one-off billing, by quarter or upon request
  • partial or total payment collection, anticipated or not, and disbursements with multiple means of payment
  • detailed follow-up of assets according to financial product specificities (units of measurement, localisation, …)
  • a number of functions specifically tailored for contract modification (change of address, of bank account details, postponement of instalments – actuarial or not, addition/removal of services, change in rate or instalment, etc.).  All management operations can be cancelled and can be performed retro-actively or in advance
  • manual or automatic termination of contracts, with advance notification to clients
  • amicable or litigious debt recovery managed by a fully customisable workflow. Debt collection can be performed by party or by contract
  • built-in reporting functions to closely monitor activities
  • social, financial and IFRS (booking, inventories, …) accounting, Basel II module
  • built-in auxiliary third party and fixed asset accounting.

An ascending and descending audit trail can accurately trace management events all the way to accounting.