Lending and Leasing

A multi-speed Lending and Leasing market with very different challenges in different locations

The international Lending and Leasing market is at different stages of maturity and faces various issues and concerns:

- Developing markets like Brazil, India or China, where demand for lending, often supported by proactive policies, are growing rapidly. In these countries, market players need to streamline and automate their product offer in order to respond to the volume and nature of the demand.

- Markets that are reaching maturity, such as Morocco, where, after years of expansion, outstanding credit volumes are stabilising. In these countries, the challenge is product differentiation in view of increasing market shares.

- Mature markets, the best example of which is Europe, which is undergoing deep economic crisis, reduction in lending (both in terms of new production and outstandings) and strengthening of the legislative framework for consumer protection (Basel III, European Directive on consumer credit, IFRS).

European players are turning to product innovation and looking to new geographical areas for growth potential. They must also adapt their risk management and monitoring process.

Linedata, a one-stop shop software solution for managing all types of lending operations from the Front-Office through to the Back-Office

Linedata is constantly improving its software offering, providing complete turnkey solutions that are adapted (or adaptable) to the needs of the most demanding credit institutions the world over.

We are also constantly investing in our solutions and use the latest technologies to enhance their features.

It is in this spirit that we recently acquired a new product, Linedata Profinance (previously marketed by Fimasys), which is a new addition to our software range, also consisting of Linedata Ekip, our flagship solution. This allows us to expand our offer into the field of vehicle financing and increases our international presence. We can now offer our customers a module-based platform combining functional completeness and technological innovation, which can distribute and manage all lending activities for both individuals and businesses.

Linedata, state-of-the-art technology at the heart of your business development

We underwent a major overhaul of our software offering, based on an SOA and organised around our customers’ 4 business lines: consumer credit, vehicle finance, equipment finance and real estate finance.

This enables us to position our offer in a market where information systems require more interoperability, while reinforcing the strengths that our customers recognise and appreciate: our professional expertise and knowledge of international markets, with a range of software packages used in 32 countries around the world.

complete lifecycle management of retail and commercial financing