Portfolio Management

Linedata Ekip: unrivalled functional coverage

As a part of your day-to-day operations, when managing your portfolio it is important to take into account the productivity needs inherent to any business, all the while maintaining the level of security and reliability required by the nature of your financial activities. It is also crucial for you to have at your disposal a comprehensive audit trail that will monitor all of your management operations, including accounting.

Linedata Ekip back-office will help you manage the entire lifecycle of your financing contracts, from development management to litigation:

  • pre-financing management
  • complex financial schedules: single-step, multi-step, surcharge to the first instalment, balloon, deferment of supplier payment, subventions, with or without syndicate …
  • clients structures are managed hierarchically and a credit ceiling can be associated with each level
  • many types of services (insurance, etc.) can be allocated to contracts and persist after the financing total has been refunded
  • management of guarantees on assets or on persons
  • one-off billing, by quarter or upon request
  • partial or total collection, anticipated or not, and disbursements with multiple means of payment
  • detailed follow-up of assets according to financial product specificities (units of measurement, localisation, …)
  • a number of functions specifically tailored for contract modification (change of address, of bank account number, postponement of instalments – actuarial or not, addition/removal of services, change in rate or instalment, etc.). All management operations can be cancelled and can be performed retro-actively or in advance
  • mass modification features
  • manual or automatic end of contracts, with prior sending of information to clients
  • amicable or litigious debt recovery managed by a fully customisable workflow. Debt collection can be performed by party or by contract
  • built-in reporting functions to closely monitor activities
  • social, financial and IFRS (booking, inventories, …) accounting, Basel II module
  • built-in auxiliary third party and fixed asset accounting.

An ascending and descending audit trail can accurately trace management events all the way to accounting.